US intelligence agencies fear to report sensitive information to a Trump after a leak of information to media

Members of the American raspadaemost after the recent scandal with the leak of classified information became paranoid and suspect as its employees, and members of staff deliberately disclosed data. Because of this oversight of the security services Donald trump lives in the dark concerning the latest information security services.

According to “Russian conversation”, so intelligence agencies don’t trust the team members are Donald trump, even afraid to tell the President of the United States the latest secret information.

According to WSJ on such measures of intelligence agencies went due to the fact that the members of the President’s team USA have ties with Russian diplomats that, according to a source publication, poses a threat of disclosure of secret data.

“According to former and current officials knowledgeable about the situation, representatives of U.S . intelligence agencies to hide from the President trump the important intelligence, they are concerned about the possibility that this information will become public or to be abducted,” noted the sources.

At the same time, a White house spokesman denied the assertions of the newspaper’s sources in the intelligence agencies and said that such interpretation of events is not entirely valid.

Note, distrust of the security services to the President of the United States emerged after the scandal with the assistant to trump national security by Michael Flynn. Us intelligence agencies claimed that he was in a telephone conversation with the Russian Ambassador discussed sanctions against Russia.

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