Us investigators took “Oscar” DiCaprio

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio gave U.S. investigators the statue of the Academy award, which he received as a gift from the producers for shooting the film “the Wolf of wall street”. The award became evidence in the case of a possible theft of funds from the state investment Fund of Malaysia.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

In July 2016 a production company Red Granite Pictures has been accused of stealing money from U.S. government-sponsored investment Fund of Malaysia 1MDB. According to investigators, the producers used a $ 100 million stolen from the said Fund, for the film “the Wolf of wall street”.

For participation in the film, DiCaprio gave the statuette in 1955 won the famous Marlon Brando. According to Reuters, as part of the investigation, the artist told his interrogators not only an Oscar, but other items that he donated for charity auction.

The Martin Scorsese film “the Wolf of wall street” was released in 2013 . The film received five nominations for “Oscar”, including in the category “Best film”. Leonardo DiCaprio received the long-awaited first statuette in the category “Best actor” in 2016, for the painting “the Survivors”.

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