USA on the Russian sight. A new conflict in Syria

Photo: defense Ministry, Russian air defense in Syria

Russia stopped cooperation with the Pentagon after the destruction of the Syrian fighter American.

The US fighter was shot down army of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad near the Syrian city of raqqa.

Syrian authorities have said that the downed aircraft was involved in operations against militants of the “Islamic state” and accused Washington of supporting terrorism.

Moscow has called the actions of the us military aggression and vowed to take to support all air defense aircraft to military operations in Syria.

In addition, the defense Ministry will stop communicating with the Pentagon in the framework of the bilateral Memorandum on Syria.

Корреспондент.net decided to investigate the new conflict between Russia and the United States in Syria .


America saved the terrorists?

American fighter F/A-18E Super Hornet was shot down a su-22 of the Syrian government forces the night before. Katapuljtirovalisj the fate of the pilot unknown.

According to Reuters, yesterday’s incident with the su-22 is the first case of destruction of the aircraft of the Syrian army by the Americans since the beginning of the conflict in Syria in 2011.

In a statement, U.S. Central command said that fighter of the army of Syria was brought down “in order to protect the coalition partners who fought on the ground.”

Partners of the coalition are called the soldiers of the Syrian democratic forces that include Kurdish troops who fought with the terrorists near the town of Tabqa to the West of Raqqa.

According to the US, the aircraft of Assad’s army dropped bombs on soldiers of the Syrian opposition which was shot down by an American fighter.

It is noted that the coalition against the “Islamic state” under the auspices of the United States have already contacted the Russian military.

“The coalition does not seek conflict with the Syrian regime, or the Russian support of the regime forces… But they will protect their partners,” Reuters quoted the message.

Damascus, in turn, said that of the su-22 participated in operations against ISIS, which was conducted in the region, militias and the Syrian army.

“The attack suggests that the US and ISIS co-ordinate their actions and that Washington has malice in the control of terrorism and its financing for the project of the US and Israel in the region,” SANA quoted a statement by the Syrian army.


Not a first strike on Assad’s forces

The last blow to the U.S.-led coalition struck the Pro-government forces in southern Syria on June 6.

Then Washington has accused the forces supporting the Syrian regime, in promoting within the specified zone, the prevention of conflict with tanks, artillery, anti-aircraft weapons, military technical means and the number of 60 soldiers.

“It was a threat to the coalition and its partner forces placed in garrison At-TANF,” – said in a statement.

The coalition noted that it made a number of warnings before to attack government forces.

A similar situation occurred on may 18, when coalition aircraft attacked a convoy of Pro-government forces near Al-Tape.

The coalition explained that this attack “added to the list of targets and goals of terrorists.”

“These measures (air strikes – ed.) was taken after it became apparent that Russia’s attempt to dissuade Syrian Pro-government forces from moving South towards the Al-TANF was successful”, – stated in the message of the coalition.

On the creation of zones of de-escalation of the conflict in Syria agreed on the result of several stages of the negotiations, which were held in Kazakhstan from January to may this year.

The guarantor countries Russia, Turkey and Iran signed a Memorandum on creation of zones of de-escalation in Syria to end the violence and preserve the unity and territorial integrity of this country, and also political settlement of the conflict.

Recall that the most large-scale U.S. attack on the Assad forces took place on April 7 – located in the Mediterranean sea American destroyers Ross and Port released 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on the Syrian airfield of Al-Sirat in the province of HOMS in Western Syria.

Strike cruise missiles was a response to an airstrike by the Syrian air force on residential areas of the city of Khan shaykhun in Idlib province. The incident in Khan Sheyhun occurred on 4 April.

Killing 92 people, including 30 children, and more than 500 people were injured. The white house is certain that Assad personally approved the chemical attack on civilians, and Russia say the Syrian air force bombed fighters of the shop, where they produced toxic chemicals.


Russia breaks the agreement and takes US on a fly

In response, the Russian defense Ministry on 19 June ceased cooperation with the United States on prevention of incidents in the airspace of Syria, said the military Department.

“In areas of combat missions of Russian aircraft in the skies of Syria any airborne targets, including aircraft and unmanned vehicles international coalition discovered to the West of the Euphrates river, will be accepted in support of Russian ground and air defense as air targets,” – said in the message.

Shot down a Syrian fighter jet Moscow called “cynical violation of Syrian sovereignty,” noting that at that moment in the sky were Russian planes VC.

The defense Ministry accused the coalition that it has not warned the Russian colleagues about the operations on the existing channel of communication between the American air base al-Udeid air base in Qatar and the Russian base Hamim in the Syrian Latakia.

The Memorandum of understanding on safety in Syria was adopted by Russia and the United States in October 2015. It regulated the movement of all aircraft and drones in Syrian airspace.

The Memorandum Russia had already suspended in April 2017, after the United States launched missile strikes on the Syrian air base. In may the instrument was resumed.

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