Vladimir Kekhman commented on the scandal with the “Nutcracker” in Novosibirsk

Around the Novosibirsk theatre of Opera and ballet again, serious passions boil. This time the cause of the excitement became Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Berdsk Tikhon, who in an interview with one TV channel had jokingly called the hero of the ballet “the Nutcracker” – Prince – “werewolf”. Then it began: “tannhäuser-2”, “the Nutcracker” under the ban and in exchange, the Opera. What really happened at the premiere of the Opera “Christmas” and what fate awaits now Christmas ballet a hit we were asked to comment on NOVATUS CEO, Vladimir Kekhman.

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– “The Nutcracker” in Novosibirsk was, is, and always will go. Since 20 December we have already shown over 20 performances and is slightly less than at the Bolshoi theatre. Moreover, we are now preparing another “Nutcracker” staged by the famous Spanish choreographer Duato Nacho, the premiere will take place . Why are we doing this? In the production of Duato’s children are not involved, as in the classical setting (choreography by Vasily Vainonen staged by Igor Zelensky) children dance. So before the holidays will go by the old “Nutcracker”, and after a vacation — new.

But then I have to protect Metropolitan Tikhon, his words were completely misinterpreted by the media. It was said in jest. About any prohibition or opinion that determines the fate of ballet and the artistic policy of the theatre not out of the question. Even hint to it!

– To understand the causes of the passions of “the Nutcracker” offer to restore the picture. When did the story of the Opera “Christmas”?

– Six months ago, no more — nine months ago — we Metropolitan has agreed that for Christmas we want to do Opera. So there was the Opera “Christmas”, and we’ll put it just in the Christmas season. It is very small, about an hour twenty, handsome, successful. Rehearsals were held from November, directed by Oleg Nudnenko, he works with us. But from the point of view of competition with the “Nutcracker” or replaced by “Christmas” but it was not to be. “Christmas” we played on January 11, as planned. And “the Nutcracker” was the 20th December and no one interfered.

– Then how do you explain the noise that comes from yesterday and your “the Nutcracker” has been dubbed the “Tannhauser-2”?

– The father of lies is the devil. So, what happens is a pure lie of the media, which on an empty space to inflate the scandal. Lies here in everything: for example, the Metropolitan could not be his wife (he is a monk), the author of an Opera, the vicar’s wife. I repeat — all this is not worth a damn. A rabid reaction to any interaction between the cultural institutions with the Church I just don’t remember. It’s the fear that the Church somehow wants to influence or affect the minds. This is pure provocation. And as for any provocation we know what is.

– What is? For example, I don’t know.

I said before that the father of lies is the devil. Point. But for us, theatre is, oddly enough, was on hand: the fact that in January we put a few more “Nutcrackers,” and sales were not very good. But specifically today, we have sold over 200 tickets.

– And at what price is “the Nutcracker” in Novosibirsk? In the Bolshoi theatre it is always a stir when the state price for the top – 12 thousand, speculators, and reaches up to 50 thousand.

– Our prices are different — from 500 to 2500 rubles. 5000 we sell all 18 seats.

Maybe the Metropolitan should not have joke about that? In terms of acute reactions of believers and atheists, their opposition to such jokes, as we see, are not. Joke and looks like a provocation. By the way, you personally were on the day of the premiere of the Opera “Christmas”?

– In the theater was. Metropolitan gave an interview in the intermission, I had not even heard. Moreover, we then talked, and he also made a joke on this subject: the Prince, they say, like a werewolf. So what? It’s a fairy tale, and that there was absolutely nothing — not imposing his own opinion or verdict – I am a witness.

– Maybe this is, Mr Abramovich, you ordered? Can’t forget you “Tannhauser”?

– No. I don’t think. But then you know what’s interesting: I ask for comments all the media, but the channel Russia-24, which produced this story did not appeal to me.

– Or is it a well-planned PR campaign? You’re a master of PR moves.

Is certainly not. But what always unexpectedly — it’s God. We have, as I have said, was not very good sales in January, but now they just exploded.

Opera remained in the repertoire?

– No, of course we will Probably be her show once or twice a year at Christmas. And next year is sure to be another Christmas project.

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