“Vodafone Ukraine” and Nokia upgrade and expand the network in the East of Ukraine

The mobile operator “Vodafone Ukraine” (PJSC “MTS Ukraine”), together with Nokia upgrade and expand the mobile network in the East of Ukraine.

According to a press release the operator, it plans to upgrade 2G network to expand 3G network while preparing for the introduction of 4G in the Eastern regions of Ukraine. The specialists of the Services unit, Nokia will provide services for planning, installation, integration and optimization of the network, and will also provide technical and operational support to ensure rapid and efficient network deployment.

“February we start the launch of 3G in big cities of the East, which are on the territory controlled by Ukraine. Given that the majority of subscribers in the East of Ukraine has our network here particularly relevant is the approach that we used in the construction of 3G is 1 .5-2 times increase the density of base stations, to ensure the stability and reliability of our services even in high load conditions”, the report cited the Deputy General Director of “Vodafone Ukraine”, in the region North Sergei Samokrik.

It is noted that in the coming months Vodafone 3G network will be launched in eight cities of the East. The first 3G services Vodafone will benefit the residents of Kramatorsk network in the city will be launched before the end of February.

“We are pleased to continue our cooperation with Vodafone and will do everything possible to provide the operator the establishment of an effective network for their subscribers. In the future, the constructed network will be fully prepared for the introduction of 4G technology,” said Vice President of Nokia in the region of Eastern Europe Demetrio Russo.

On the network “Vodafone Ukraine” will be implemented the decision of the Single RAN Nokia based on the universal Flexi Multiradio platform, which provides concurrent operation of 2G and 3G base stations. In the future, it will enable the deployment of LTE technology.

“Vodafone Ukraine” – the second largest mobile operator in Ukraine. By the end of the second quarter of 2016 served in Ukraine, about 20.8 million subscribers. The operator of nearly 500 stores nationwide.

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