VSU suffered heavy losses in the Donbas, in Kiev, admitted wounding of nearly a hundred fighters

Ukrainian authorities all the time hide the real numbers, which corresponds to the number of dead and injured security forces involved in the so-called “ATO” in the Donbass.

This time in Kiev declared huge losses in Donbass.

On this day, February 16, reported Ukrainian TV channel “112” with reference to physicians.

According to journalists, in the hospital named after Mechnikov Dnepr received 92 wounded and injured Ukrainian soldiers.

As noted by the head physician of hospital Sergey Ryzenko, two soldiers are in intensive care in critical condition, one of them in a coma.

The situation in the Donbass remains extremely difficult. The official authorities concealed the incident from the General public.

The self-proclaimed Donetsk announced the details of a hard fight near Kominternovo, where “Azov” and the security forces suffered heavy losses from the militia .

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, told the DNR that actually kills the commanders of the militia, which kept the line of defense of Donbass.

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