Went to the bypass: why you need a railroad along the border with Ukraine

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The first freight trains on 20 September 2017, moved the wagons with grain, iron ore and building materials, said in a press release Railways.

A new railway line connects the major cities of the Central Federal district (Moscow, Voronezh, Lipetsk and others) from Rostov-on-don, Krasnodar, Novorossiysk and other cities on the black sea coast.

It will allow for faster delivery of export goods to the southern ports and provide smooth movement of passenger trains (from the end of the fall of 2017) in the Crimea and on resorts of Krasnodar region.

Safety is the priority

Experts believe that the launch of a railway line bypassing Ukraine will improve Russia’s economic security .

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Russian Railways launches regular movement of freight trains to bypass Ukraine

This is an important event in the context of what is happening in Ukraine processes, said in an interview with TASS, senior researcher of Department of Ukraine of Institute of the CIS countries Yuri little sheep. “Events may arise, so that the territory of Ukraine will be quite unstable and railway communication of Russia should be ensured in all weather conditions and political circumstances,” he said. In this respect, a small railroad, which passed through the territory of Ukraine, presented a problem in terms of security, transport connectivity of territories, infrastructure and logistics, the expert added.

“The launch of the movement will neutralize the economic and technological risks that will ensure the stability of the transportation process and to avoid possible additional costs in the transport sector and the economy as a whole”, — said in an interview with TASS the General Director Institute of natural monopolies research (IPEM) Yuri Sahakyan.

Benefits to the economy

The length of the railway line is 137 km.

For residents of some localities will have new opportunities to earn money, attaching to the transport infrastructure. The economic life of the territory will get a revival

Yuri Little Sheep
Senior researcher of Department of Ukraine of Institute of the CIS countries

It passes through the territory of the Voronezh and Rostov regions.

On the way built seven new railway stations: Zaitsivka, Sergeevka, Sokhranovka, Kuteynikovo, Vinogradovka, Wells and Bochenkova.

People living along the new branch will receive a number of benefits from the transfer of transit on their territory, says RAM.

“For residents of some localities will have new opportunities to earn money, attaching to the transport infrastructure — lists the expert. — Economic life of the area will receive the recovery”.

Experience in the construction of a transport artery to bypass the opponent’s territory, Russia has been, resembles a RAM.


The railroad bypassing Ukraine

Railways in the framework of the test operation launched regular freight train traffic on the line zhuravka – Millerovo to bypass Ukraine.

Learn more about the new rail – infographics by TASS.

“There is an example with the Baltic States, when the message with the Kaliningrad region of Russia was carried out by using trains. After Lithuania became impede transport of the Russian Federation launched a ferry service between St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad oblast, — said the expert. — However, while it has not yet reached the target to be achieved”.

Experts say that the construction of this section of the railway was planned ten years ago.

In the Strategy of railway transport development adopted in 2008, already included the construction of the railway line Prokhorovka — zhuravka — Chertkovo — Bataisk, part of which is the zhuravka — Millerovo reminded Sahakyan.

“Thus, its implementation was planned by the state, and the complication of relations with Ukraine just accelerated the transition to the active phase of implementation,” — said the expert.

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