What the man says Leonid Baratz told to replace the meaning of life

The beauty of our profession in the fact that you meet a man, learn it. Then you can be absolutely different emotions — from frustration to total elation. I think I finally understood this man and fascinated by them. His mind first and foremost. And you? So here they are: Leonid Baratz, one of the four members of the cult of “Emperor.” He came and said. And that’s all.

Photo: press service of the theater Kvartet I

— Leonidas, on whom you left us?

— Yes you that! The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.

— Why you came from our slender ranks? From the ranks of the exemplary family man.

— We have about his personal life we talk about? Well, there was some reasons.

Just in your group you are almost the only preserved family values that we are now so fashionable.

I can’t superficially talking about it, long and deeply, too, do not want. So let’s skip this subject. It happens…

But I would like to consult with you .

— Everything is very personal, so I can hardly give any advice.

— Is your “what men talk About” — not the same thing?

— It’s not about tips, but about observation. It is unlikely that I, as well, and any higher-level psychologist, can something advise. People should make the decision himself. And we can only alleviate the plight of understanding the audience that not only he has problems exist.

— I agree. But a midlife crisis — and this, too?

— And this, and that illusion is gone, and that the world was not as you imagine him in his youth was represented. Need to regroup and look at the world through different eyes open and love the world.

— How to love if…

— …the rain and cold. Well, to accept, and what to do? I believe that even at my age, and yours…

— “At my age” — sounds good.

— Still 46 years — quite a respectable age. And what about to love or not to love… the Lack of emotions is the worst, no emotion with any sign, plus or minus. And when emotions do not — then the crash begins. Why people want, when they broke up with you to do something? To even in this extreme case, the person with whom you broke up, felt at least some emotion. It is important feeling that you are, therefore such extreme measures sometimes take.

— You do not have your shrink?

— No.

— And I need.

— I understand that.

— 24 years old, I live with the same wife.

— Well, I congratulate you.

— You can cure me from this situation?

What if you well with her… I would have wanted so much, but I have been different. Unfortunately. And you are normal, and if you live with her differently, but good… And if it is bad, but are unable to part with it for whatever reason, upbringing, responsibility, then we have to go to a psychologist.

— You just want new sensations…

— New experiences all around, I don’t know why you are so worried. If you want them so bad get a divorce.

— Okay, you’re the artist, I am also a little artist.

— I see.

Photo: press service of the theater “Quartet And”

“Gays were never acknowledged me as his”

— Your wonderful image in “radio Day”, “Day of elections”… It’s such an unconventional people, and very cute. But now this image is not a trend in our difficult time.

— No, we cannot say that it is not a trend. The dissonance and hypocrisy of our government is that, barring a walk marches, banning movies and plays with the alleged promotion of homosexuality, they, the authorities, happy to communicate with homosexuals, go to their concerts and often they are. I don’t know what they gay, but n…si rare. So my image quite a trend, this is false.

— Do you remember “Straw hat”? There Mikhail Mikhailovich Kozakov in such an interesting way…

— I never thought that he played a homosexual.

— And he said he wanted to play someone like that. The result was popular at the time, in the 70-ies, in the appropriate circles.

— It has always been and will be, a certain percentage of the population. A tolerant attitude to this interest is the level of culture of power. And in all such cries, cries: to shoot, to torture, to cut homosexuals in Chechnya is pure or savagery, or hypocrisy, distracting people from pressing problems.

— However, the people filling the front ranks of the Bolshoi ballet, showed to you the increased interest in these beautiful images?

— No, you haven’t. I think, unfortunately, my acting skills are not enough to ensure that they acknowledged me as his. Maybe because they people are considerate and cultured. Quite often it is this orientation causes a person to be sensitive. When you’re outside the norm, you have to know more, to understand… that they have a mission, this role in society, and we should treat it with respect. And propaganda? It is difficult to distinguish one from the other. If Nureyev was gay and know it, but he’s still a brilliant dancer — is this propaganda? If “game of thrones” win the gays, it’s just an excuse for the father to tell his son what it means to him showed ass in the stairwell and the writing on the wall. Just the father explains that this phenomenon exists. While there, in the West, too, there are excesses, and the homosexual will always outperform straight. But our excesses are worse.

— Can you then take it to your performance?

— There are some things which in our case is forbidden. You know, I hate that we’re talking about Milanoo, because it is to pour water on his mill. It does not need to be treated, not with hatred or contempt. He just isn’t.

“Our humor — love &like Dovlatov”

— Then about what not disgusting. “Quartet” — a special kind of humor, invented by you and your friends. Let’s say that humor zhvanetskogo, humor Petrosyan, “Comedy-club”, Ivan Urgant… what’s your thing? Or, excuse for pathos, philosophy of humor in your Quartet?

— I’m going to talk to me then it was nice to read it. Well, I like to think about our humor. What it really is, judged by the audience. But if we talk about our performances and movies at the new stage, when we began to write plays, beginning with “radio Day” — our way to understand what is happening with us. Sometimes it’s an attempt at humor, but most of all — just the truth of the sentences of our characters. It seems there is nothing funny and no, but the situation and the precision as the humor give. I also think our humor is bullish. That is humor with love for the characters.

— But the naive audience thinks the characters are “what men talk About” is you is.

And you’re right. In our circle there is good and bad, we are all very different. And if for a circle, the thief, for example, a bad man, but we love it. As Dovlatov: the characters, too, people are not very good, but every one of them he writes with love. We play on the increase, and not decrease. Here’s the humor Urganta — brilliant, poignant, but mostly it is based on lowering. Vanya is a brilliant, witty man, but, in my opinion, he won’t let his soul and, accordingly, do not deeply go into the humor as such. Urgant changing, improving, but at the beginning he was a very poor interviewer because he did not care what answer the visitor. It works on output, not input. It runs very bright, but very small. I don’t want to offend him with great respect. I just compare.

— Zhvanetsky, your fellow countryman, the inhabitant of Odessa? There is such a thing — “Odessa humor”?

— When speculating on the Odessa accent is not humor. As for Michal Mikhailovich — he’s not a comedian. I think we also in this direction. Does not always work…

— You, too, are philosophers?

— It loudly. And Zhvanetskiy — Yes, philosopher, although it is often called a sage. But the wise man is the man calm down and all accepted. A Zhvanetskiy is a philosopher but not a wise man, not tamed. He was a young soul, he constantly doubts, and these contradictions made the paradoxical truth that he represents us. And why on this Odessa is growing constantly — God knows. Probably, Odessa humor is a way of understanding what is happening all around. Actually, I think, meaning in life, and replace it with love and humor.

— Irony…

— Yes, that’s right. Humor is the “Crocodile,” although “Crocodile” would have been a nice intonation. We are all human, we have different, heavy, funny, deep, nasty, but who are we without humor?

And Jewish humor?

I’ve never thought — I realized that I was a Jew, probably in the seventh grade.

— You were called a Jew?

I don’t even understand what that means. He only knew that that’s a bad word. Me in a camp called, I hit that boy, he bit me on the shoulder. Two days I stayed there… It was my last two days in the camp. That’s only in the 7th grade I realized that “Jew” is a person of a particular nationality. I have never had attempts to go to the synagogue. Understand that in my blood and way of thinking, they probably have, but to separate my Jewishness from the Russian language, Russian area of the earth I can’t.

— I’ll just say the last three words on this subject — laughter through tears — more and won’t say anything.

“Any election is better than their absence”

— Let’s talk about “election Day”. Here you are just so cool, bright talked about the MPs fools, denounced them all. But this your “election Day” — he’s for Putin, not against it. He, on the contrary, says: the rights of the President that abolished elections. Look around goats, bandits… I do Not know why viewers still do not understand?

You are right, it is. We were worried about it. We were not the producers and investors in the film. We were not able to insist on the phrase “Any election is better than their absence.”

— Your film was a slogan?

Yeah, we wanted, but we were not given. And you are absolutely right that people have the feeling that this film is anti-government. I’ll tell you why. As in Soviet times, now the method and form of expression of stronger meaning. So we have reached the point that banter flow today is sedition. And this form, of course, carries a huge charge of “anti-“. A cynical attitude to all of our musicians…

— Well, Yes, “elections, election candidates… — p…ry”.

— It’s sedition! And actually you are right, but I think that few people realize. But permission to film was obtained from the most important, so that to us no questions asked.

— And it is not Ukraine accused still persona non grata?

Oh, don’t say such things, God forbid! Otherwise, how could I go to her parents? Just recently, the Ukraine banned the only opposition channel “Dozhd”, although they broadcast absolutely Pro-Ukrainian point of view.

But Ukraine is not color-blind, unfortunately, everything is black and white.

— One of the reasons this trip was broadcast on New year of our two films where allegedly there is a promotion of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. It is absolutely not true! Yes, there are people in uniform, but propaganda it can not be called. We are still unable to travel to Ukraine. I don’t want to delve on this topic because I have something to say, I just want to still come to your native city.

OK, I won’t to provoke you. But tell me: what happened in your beloved city three years ago in the House of trade unions, is like?

— Let me human words to say. What is happening between our two countries, between our very close people — horrible. And I say a phrase your character: “There all done”. Both sides are great. But don’t want to talk about it.

“Jeanne — so bright, warm, feminine”

— In the film “what men talk About” you have starred Zhanna Friske. Remember her, I still cannot believe what happened.

— About Joan, I have only fond memories. Jeanne — wonderful bright. There’s something in a woman that isn’t the best in terms of vocals, not the most long-legged… But she is so bright, warm, feminine… When we were deciding who to take first appeared on the horizon Naomi Campbell, but, thank God, she charged that amount… then, of course, there was Jeanne. We were just friends. Remember before filming she was so nervous, everyone listened… She’s just very warm, good person. I say… and such happy memories of her. So she continues to live.

— You are often invited in their films, performances of non-professional actors. And all seem to go with pleasure. Or not?

— Sometimes comes the artist — a very good actor. But he misses the atmosphere, in General conversation, what is happening behind the scenes. Somehow pushing him away from us. Mostly people who are close in spirit, they rejoice when they come to play a show. Now we’re filming the third “Men…”, and there we will play Mikhail Prokhorov. Still, we invite non-professional actors only for the roles that they can play is not Hamlet. Misha Kozyrev can only be the head of a radio station, so he plays…

— Vasya Utkin can play only candidate for Governor Tsaplina.

— Bob is our great friend in all respects. So far, I dread to think how we could play the last play “election Day”. But it happened recently in the spring. So no more Tsaplina.

— I wonder how you think? So I want to ask you now to describe a time in which we live.

I think this unstable time. In the sense that we come out of something, but still isn’t there yet, and all virtue, who too was overrated, but very important for us, retreated somewhere on the second or third plan. And the main virtue has become your success. The present time and what is cultivated is determined now, in my opinion, one word: hypocrisy. No ideology — it is replaced by the ROC, the false patriotism. The dissonance between real patriotism and fake patriotism is the essence of our time. Remember Tolstoy in “the Sevastopol stories” discusses what patriotism is. Yes, there is a massacre, cut the legs without anesthesia, and he asks: what drives a man when he goes for it? God if he goes for the king do, officer? No! “Quiet secret Russian soul — the love for the Motherland,” writes Tolstoy. Quiet and hidden… And we have now people do not care at all, but they scream “hurray for Russia”. That is the sign of the times. Unfortunately.

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