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After the victory of the revolution of Dignity one of the loud slogans proclaimed by the authorities was the fight against corruption. To facilitate this, in addition to the lustration processes in government agencies were newly established anti-corruption bodies. Perhaps the main fuse from the fact that these new structures are not mired in the existing system, was the wage of their employees. At least, everyone of the higher ranks.

112.ua find out how much CEOs earn National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB), the National Agency on corruption prevention (NACP), Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office and the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada. For analysis was taken of wages paid to them in January 2017.

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The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine was created in the framework of reforming of bodies which carry out pre-trial investigation and prosecution in cases of corruption offences. The creation of NABOO was foreseen in the adopted by the Parliament on 14 October 2014 the law “On the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine” and officially, the new body was created 16 April 2015.

The main tasks of NABOO began combating criminal corruption offences committed by officials of state power or local self-government. Note that similar structures are functioning in many countries of the world, and its production in Ukraine was one of the requirements of the IMF.

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Headed the Department since inception and currently Sytnyk. According to information provided by the NEB, the salary of its Director in January amounted to UAH 126 thousand 329,92, including taxes Sytnik was paid 695,58 101 thousand UAH. A significant part of the income of a Director of NABU is salary – 76,8 thousand UAH. In addition, the payment includes fee for service (23 040 UAH thousand), the fee for access to state secrets (of 7 thousand 680 UAH), additional payment for rank (640 UAH) and holiday (18 169,92 thousand UAH).

First Deputy Director of the NABOO Gizo Uglava in January earned UAH 96,5 thousand, I got 77 thousand UAH 682,5 (salary – 76,8 thousand UAH, for years of service – 11 520 thousand UAH, for access to state secrets – 7 thousand 680 UAH, for the rank – 500 UAH). Two more deputies rush – Tatiana Barbaric and Anatoly Novak over the past month have earned thousand 549,68 115 and 121 thousand UAH 440 UAH, respectively, received at the hands while 017,49 93 thousand and UAH 119 thousand UAH 618,4 (salary – 080 UAH 46 thousand and 76.8 thous. seniority – 18 432 thousand UAH thousand UAH 23 040; for access to state secrets – 4 UAH 608 thousand and 7 thousand 680 UAH). In addition, the Barbarian has been credited with 360 UAH additional payment for rank of, 46 thousand UAH 069,68 selling, and Novak – 2.4 thousand UAH for spartanii, 11 520 thousand UAH – for the scientific degree and 859,2 21 thousand UAH of compensation of tax amounts from the income of individuals.

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The national Agency for prevention of corruption is the Central body of Executive power with special status, which forms and implements state policy in the sphere of fight against corruption. The establishment of NACP included the law of Ukraine “On prevention of corruption”, adopted by Parliament on 14 October 2014. NACP was established on 18 March 2015. It has a preventive function, in particular the declarations of civil servants and their way of life, disclosure of information about corruption or abuse of position. The launch of this Agency was one of the requirements of the European Union for the introduction of a visa-free regime with Ukraine.

The head of the NACP Natalia Korchak in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 13.02.2017

NACP is headed by Natalia Korchak. Her official monthly salary in January totaled 81 thousand UAH 120. This amount includes salary (32 448 thousand UAH), allowance for years of service (50% of salary 16 thousand UAH 224) and premium for labor intensity (100% of salary to 32 thousand 448 UAH).

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Deputy Korczak Ruslan Radetsky in January earned UAH 75 thousand 715,12: salary (31,2 thousand UAH), for years of service (45% of salary – 14 thousand UAH 040), labor intensity (100% of salary – 31,2 thousand UAH). In addition, he was paid 474,54 3 thousand UAH of a salary for one day of December in connection with the recall from leave, and withheld 199,42 4 thousand UAH for the leave.

Two more members of NACP Ruslan riaboshapka and Alexander Skopich earned respectively 352,26 UAH 61 thousand and 75 thousand UAH 996,75. These amounts include salary (23,4 thousand UAH thousand UAH and 31.2, respectively), allowance for years of service (530 UAH 10 thousand and 14 thousand 040 UAH), a premium for labor intensity (23,4 31,2 thousand UAH thousand UAH). In addition, Ryaboshapka in January received 4 thousand UAH 022,26 selling, and Skopich – 3 thousand 474,54 one day of December in connection with the leave. The latter is also deducted 3 thousand 917,79 of opinion with the holiday.

We will note, Natalia Korchak in a recent interview to TV channel “112 Ukraine” said that the establishment of NACP in the current format is not entirely justified. “The creation of the Agency in the format that we have not quite justified. For example, the collective decision-making, collegial form of organization of labor, when all turn to me and say that I am the head of the authority and bear all responsibility, but I can’t explain that we all have equal rights, and I have only additional organizational function and coordination of their activities,” she said.



Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office is an independent structural subdivision of the Prosecutor General, the functions of which is supervision over observance of laws during the pretrial investigation, the National anti-corruption Bureau, as well as support in the courts of the state. Like previous anti-corruption bodies, the ARS was created in the framework of the visa liberalisation process between Ukraine and the EU on September 22 2015 by order of the then Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina. On 20 November of the same year, SAP was headed by Nazar Golodnitsky, he is also the Deputy attorney General.

Head of SAP Nazar Holodnitsky

Wages nazara Holodnitsky in January amounted to 156 thousand UAH 658,77 including tax he was paid 126 thousand UAH 110, its first Deputy Maxim Grischuk – 124 thousand 650 UAH (paid 100 thousand UAH 343,25), Deputy Vladimir Krivenko – 145 thousand UAH 395 (paid – 679,48 116 thousand UAH).

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In the SAP said that the salary of the Department’s leadership consists of the following components: salary (all three heads he installed on the same level – 57 thousand 600 UAH), allowance for the rank and salary for the military rank (from 110 to 160 HR), allowance for years of service (from 10% to 50% of salary), allowance for work under conditions of regime restrictions (from 10% to 20% of salary), additional payment for scientific degree of candidate of Sciences (5% of salary), prize (at least 10% of the salary). The exact dimensions of the above allowances and bonuses, the office said.

The relevant Committee of Parliament

A meeting of the anti-corruption Committee, archive photo

The Verkhovna Rada Committee on preventing and combating corruption, in contrast to NABU, NACP and SAP, is a kind of “survivor”, as there is in the Parliament since the first convocation in more than two decades merely changed the name. His main tasks are the formation and implementation of anti-corruption policy, anti-corruption expertise submitted to the Parliament draft laws, financial control in respect of persons authorized to perform state functions and local self-government, legal regulation of the activities of the NEB and NACP.

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MP (“Samopomich”) Yegor Sobolev, archive photo
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The Committee is headed by the MP from Yegor Sobolev. For the work in Parliament, including the leadership of the Committee, the chief antikorruptsionera Council in January received 16 thousand UAH equals 122.53, his first Deputy Yury Savchuk – 13 902,35 thousand UAH. Three Deputy heads of anti-corruption Committee earned the following amounts: Igor Popov – 15 thousand UAH 902,60, Viktor Chumak – 16 thousand UAH 177,51, Borislav Bereza – 11 thousand UAH 505,8. The Secretary of the Committee Dmytro Dobrodomov in January received UAH 15 thousand 792,64.

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