Who shot down “Boeing”: What is known about General Dubinsky

Sergey Dubinsky Callsign “Gloomy”

International expert and journalist group Bellingcat published resonance report, which named the alleged carrier of the Russian anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk” shot down a Boeing-777 flight MH17 “Malaysian airlines” 17 July 2014. The experts came to the conclusion that Sergey Dubinsky Callsign “Gloomy” was related to the carriage of the installation.

The fact that the next day after the crash the security Service of Ukraine published the interception of conversations of terrorists, in the day of the disaster. This is a conversation between two people – Sergei Nikolaevich Petrovskiy under the call sign “Dull”, which the SBU, said the officer of the Main Directorate of the General staff of the armed forces, and Deputy of Igor strelkov (Girkin) and the fighter nicknamed “Buryat” .

The interception of conversation on the “buke”

However, with the personality of Sergey Petrovsky is not so simple, because the network has several videos, which featured two different “Gloomy”, their appearance and voice are different. The first introduced himself as “Gloomy” – the commander of a reconnaissance of Slavyansk, video from 27 June 2014.

The gunman, who introduced himself as “Gloomy”

And the second one captured on video on June 12, 2014 under the title “special Forces rifle”. Later the same video was released under a different name – Sergei Nikolaevich Petrovskiy (call Gloomy, Bad men).

Probably, Sergey Dubinsky, nicknamed “Gloomy”

In addition, came out a number of interviews with Petrovsky. For example, in 2003 the Russian newspaper “Izvestia” published an interview with a man under the Callsign “Gloomy”, where he was named a Colonel and a specialist in sabotage. There he talks about Chechnya. In an interview he requested – no last names, only call signs, and they don’t remove his face too.

Then “Frowns” and he is “Bad soldiers” POPs up on the Antikvariat forum site dedicated to the history, military relics, and other topics. Bellingcat says that on this forum also frequently published reports about the war in Ukraine Igor “Strelkov” Girkin. And the “Gloomy” wrote that he — the Colonel Sergey Petrovsky, Deputy defense Minister of “Donetsk national Republic” on intelligence guard.

In the end, Bellingcat came to the conclusion that Sergey Petrovsky is also an alias. But if to perform hacked email of Igor Girkin in may 2014, where the address karahan1962@mail.ru he even had the nickname “bison”. To this address, the registered accounts in “Odnoklassniki”, “My world,” as well as on the forum. Confirms what Peter and Dubinsky probably one person and his fellow soldier. On the forum Antikvariat Dubinsky congratulations to happy birthday on August 9. There’s his brother-And said, “damn you, Serge, even “Gloomy” in “DNR”, even though the General “Petrovsky” or “Tworkowski”, or the commandant of Khankala “bison” or “Buffalo” or “Karahan” in Latin America, I remember you back then in his cap, in Afghanistan…”. And then he publishes the picture of Dubinsky in the form and writes that this “bison” and “Charny” and “Bad soldiers”.

Sergey Dubinsky, nicknamed “Gloomy”
Photo from open sources

Photos during service in Afghanistan
Photo from open sources

Bellingcat notes that the number of medals is quite typical for the Colonel, leading a military career since 1984, but there are inconsistencies.

On the forum Antikvariat people already known to us the Callsign “Bad soldiers” writes that the first man who gave an interview to Russian media, he is not, he just also has the Callsign “dull”, but confirms that video of him in the mask, the true. And if to look, that photo of man in uniform and a man in a mask very similar.


So who is Sergey Dubinsky?

Sergey Dubinsky was born in the Donetsk region on 9 August 1962. The SBU gave 1964 year of birth. In 1984 he graduated from Donetsk higher military-political school of engineering and signal corps named after General of the army A. A. Episheva, and since 1985, he was Deputy commander of a reconnaissance company 181 infantry regiment in Afghanistan. According to LJ, he participated in the First Chechen war, and then in 1997-1998 he served in Cuba, referred to as GRU, it was there he wore the nickname “Kara”, and then there was a Second Chechen war, where you receive the call sign “bison”.

At the same time, the website “information Napalm” writes that in 1997 Sergey Dubinsky in the left margin, issued a pension until 2002, together with his family lived in Rostov region (Russian Federation), and in 1998 he divorced his wife. In 2002 he was drafted from the reserve management staff of the North Caucasian military district (today the southern military district of the Russian Federation) and directed for service in the United group of forces in the North Caucasus. In 2002-2004 served as commander of the 974-th commandant company (in/HR 22727) and chief of intelligence 194 th commandant’s tactical groups. And in 2004, again in the left margin, but when forwarding supposedly private matter Dubinsky is lost, so it de facto remained in the service. The network has a copy of the court ruling on pensions to Dubinsky, it indicated that he served in three different divisions, two of which were located in the Steppe of the Rostov region. In a judgment dated 22 April 2015, said: “Dubinsky S. N. after his discharge from service and assigned a pension, superannuation, re-entered the military to serve, that were restored in the lists of personnel, which suggests that his military service was over, and he was not lost the status of a soldier. Accordingly the defendant is to be recovered unduly received in the period … the amount of paid pensions”.

In 2014, he appears in the Donetsk region, in particular since the conflict in Slavyansk, in the company of a friend for the Second Chechen war Igor Girkin-strelkov in the position of “Deputy commander of the army of DNR”. Dubinsky has created a company of special forces and intelligence division, headquarters of which was located initially in Kramatorsk. In the future, created on the basis of “units” he formed the so-called Main intelligence Directorate of the “DND”, headed by.

The album Dubinsky have pictures that prove that the fall and in December 2014 he was in Donetsk. He also has photos with actors Mikhail Porechenkov and Ivan Okhlobystin, who has called for the so-called Republic.

Sergey Dubinsky and Michael Porechenkov

Sergey Dubinsky and actor Ivan Okhlobystin

Okhlobystin was even told that he received for Christmas watch from “Gloomy”.

Bellingcat found photos taken in December 2014, where Dubinsky Russian form of major-General and, apparently, the patch is “GRU”.

It is believed that Dubinsky left Donetsk in early 2015, and he allegedly denied entry to “DNR” for extortion of money from businessmen, whether he just has no place in “DNR”.

Network Dubinsky after travelling to Russia shared a photo of a new life. So, in the summer he posted a photo of his house in Big farm Log in Rostov region and expensive ATV Can-Am Commander XT canadian production, which is estimated at 15 thousand dollars.



These photos Dubinsky is very similar to the photo of a man in uniform, who fought in Afghanistan. Bellingcat experts believe that the video released by the SBU following the shooting down of the Boeing, which says a Peter, just have a General Dubinsky, who was responsible for the transportation of a sinister “Buka”.

When writing the article were used materials Bellingcat.


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