“Wimm-bill-Dann Ukraine” in 2016. got 163 million UAH of net loss

PJSC “Wimm-bill-Dann Ukraine” (Kyiv region), part of one of the largest Ukrainian producers of food products and beverages PepsiCo, in 2016 received 163,1 million UAH against a net loss of 77.6 m UAH of net profit in 2015.

According to the company announcement on the 25 April meeting of the shareholders, long-term liabilities of enterprises decreased by 17.7% – up to UAH 31.3 million, and current liabilities increased by 8 times – up to 776,1 million.

Undistributed profit “Vimm-bill-Dann Ukraine” in 2016 decreased by 12.6% – up to UAH 14 million. The assets of the company for the year decreased by 0.5% to 966,95 million UAH, assets – by 8.7%, to 178 million.

Total accounts receivable CHAO decreased by 2.6% to 721,8 million.

“Wimm-bill-Dann Ukraine” part of the family of one of the largest manufacturers of food and drinks PepsiCo .

The largest brands in Ukraine are “Sandora”, “Sadochok”, “Sandorik”, Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda, “slov’yanochka”, “Agusha”, ice tea Lipton Ice Tea, Lay’s, “Hrusteam”, mineral water “Essentuki” and “Aqua Minerale”.

PepsiCo in Ukraine is engaged in processing of fruits, vegetables and raw milk. Of the company, owns five companies: plant for processing of fruits, vegetables and juice production (Mykolaiv region), juice production, carbonated beverages and iced tea (Mykolaiv region), Kharkiv dairy plant (Kharkiv); Kyiv dairy plant (Kyiv region), where there is also a plant for the production of baby food “Agusha”, launched in 2012.

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