“Without warning”: the authorities in Moscow seized from the foster family of 10 children

Anna Kuznetsova

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MOSCOW, January 13. /TASS/. The authorities in Moscow seized from the foster family of 10 children. The occasion was the message of the kindergarten staff about the signs of beating one of the children.

“Was discovered by beatings, were the reasons for these actions of the authorities and the police,” – said the representative of the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova, explaining that the teacher saw “the characteristic marks on the body” when changing the baby.

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In this case, said Kuznetsova, the family was reviewed in July last year, “and in the act there is nothing that violated children’s rights or the situation in the house is not the same, or something sketched, there are some preconditions for threats to the welfare of children .”

The Deputy head of the Department of social protection of the population of Moscow Tatyana Barsukova said TASS that the children were removed due to suspicions of ill-treatment by parents. According to her, eight children are now in medical institution because of their HIV status, two in the social center. Barsukov said that the family moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow in 2014, only her 13 children: 8 adopted (under guardianship), 4 adopted and one blood. According to information a press-services Kuznetsova, the eldest child 16 years or younger, blood, 3 years.

Herself an adoptive mother Svetlana (name not disclosed at her request) rejects suspicions that her husband beat the child. According to her, on the eve of the removal of children she was hanging out with his adopted son. “He didn’t tell, was cheerful, upbeat, well-played and had dinner, there were no hard feelings, not sad, not sad,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

Withdrawal without notice

According to Svetlana, children were taken away without notice. “I didn’t call, didn’t call. We come to police custody just spur of the moment, took the children, left no papers, nothing, just taken away. I was home, husband was in the house, no questions he was not asked,” she says.

“Children who were in kindergarten, took away from the kindergarten, they had four children wards and one blood, blood is not taken, though tried,” continued the interlocutor of the Agency. “Another daughter was taken away from the dance Studio where she studied ballet, and another one with the Christmas tree, with holiday,” – said the foster mother.

Svetlana said that in addition to blood child in the family left the two older children – 15 and 16 years old.

The foster mother was allowed to visit the children

Throughout the day the Ombudsman Kuznetsova dealt with the problem. Was created the special Commission which structure included representatives of the Department of social protection, and also bodies of guardianship and guardianship. At the end of the meeting the adoptive mother were allowed to visit the removal of children.

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“Mother of many children also took part in the meeting. According to the representative of bodies of guardianship and guardianship of Zelenograd, talking about deprivation of the parental rights of the mother is not. It was decided that the woman would visit their children without restriction”, – said the press service Kuznetsova.

“If the family was dysfunctional, if relevant services have received alarming signals about the return of the children would not be considered. In this case, such information comes first, but it can not be ignored,” said the Commissioner, whose words are resulted in a press-service.

In the evening she adoptive mother told TASS that her cousin received permission to take her two recovered children. It happened after meeting Svetlana with the Ombudsman.

Criticism Mizulina

Senator Yelena Mizulina, criticized the actions of the guardianship. “This is a typical example of the callous, violent juvenile behavior! First cruel to children,” she told reporters.

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Mizulina noted that the reasons for the appearance of a bruise in a child “can be a great many”, and the situation requires careful investigation, especially since the information is coming “very different”. “It is established whether the apparent threat to the life or health of the child? No. Then why the employees of the guardianship and the police resorted to extreme measures and took all the children?” perplexed Senator.

She believes that any conclusions would be premature. “However to falsely accuse family and see the only possible scenario in the withdrawal of children can not” – said the MP, explaining that the withdrawal of the child from the family – “a devastating psychological impact and stress” for him.

According to Mizulina, “the guardianship must act in the best interests of the child, and the primary interest to be in the family.” “But the pattern of behavior that from time to time show us, the employees of bodies of guardianship allows you to make only one conclusion: they don’t care about the fate of specific children,” she said. The Senator believes the situation all the more outrageous that the guardianship a few months ago, checked on the family and recognized her safe.

The children spoke only good

The head of the charity Fund “Help the children affected by the HIV epidemic Kids+ Olga Kiryanova positively characterizes the adoptive family, from which the tutorship took the children. “I know the family because we organized a support group, psychological care, which was visited by the older children (from this family), she said TASS.

According to Kuranovoj, psychologists, dealing with withdrawn children, called them socially active. “The children never, never expressed any negative information about the parents was just good. Very favorable environment in the family. One had the feeling that a lot of parents deal with them”, – told the Agency interlocutor, noting that trusts the opinion of these psychologists.

According to the Director of the Fund, other foster parents of children with HIV believe that children were removed without sufficient reason, and after the incident, distrust of employees of kindergartens. “The adoptive parents of children born with HIV, each other know all, support each other, they are in shock. How to drive children to kindergarten? All this started to happen after a call to educators to police,” says Kiryanov.

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