Won “arrhythmia” Boris Khlebnikov

28-th Open Russian film festival “Kinotavr” ended with the victory of the film “Arrhythmia” Boris Khlebnikov, which “pierced the heart” of the President of the jury Yevgeny Mironov. Her character was the emergency doctor. Which Alexander Yatsenko was awarded the prize for best actor.

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A scene from the movie “Arrhythmia”.

After the closing ceremony Yevgeny Mironov disappeared, violating the festival’s tradition to go to the people and to comment on the jury’s decision. Will have to settle for said: “you See how much sausage young generation”.

The scenario of “Arrhythmia” written by Boris Khlebnikov and Natalia Mishaninoj. The story itself was not one of telemovie, and was not intended as a great project. The main character works in an ambulance, his wife is a doctor. They love each other, but there is no happiness. She doesn’t fight for it, because, according to Natalia Mishaninoj, each independently responsible for his alcoholism . The filmmakers interviewed doctors, studied the records of their parties, to be exact. Yatsenko is a rare organics actor, which does not acquire through hard work.

Two prize was awarded to “Hostages” Rezo Gigineishvili – directing and camera work (Vladislav appellants). Initially, the film was positioned as a young Georgian cinema and got into the program of the Berlinale. Now Russia is given first, and then Georgia and Poland. The film is based on the Georgian language. Russian security officials say Yes, the flight attendants performed Hope Mikhalkova – wife razo and Maria Shalaevoj. The Director tried to understand terrorists – a prosperous Georgian youth who seized the Tu-134 in 1983. Failed in all senses. So the prize for direction – too much.

“Turkish saddle” Yusuf razykova awarded two diplomas – from critics and the jury for decision. Once it was a prize.them. Michael Tariverdiev, but because less often sounds especially composed music, degree awards decreased. Here and Yusup Razykov thanks for all Antonio Vivaldi.

Inga Oboldina awarded for the role of nodemocracy the women’s colony in his debut “Burn” Kirill Pletnev. Many insulted the scene of fraternization of the victims and “executioners”, the final picture shown on the Day of Russia, when hundreds of people were arrested, including actor Alexander PAL who left the festival before the events. There was a scandal. Inga obadina found the explanation: “Offensive when you say sick of the movie. Light movies somehow not fashionable. We have emotional, good movie. Do you think that the finale fabulous? Is now TV. And then aunt came to sing on a TV show from the area”.

“Blockbuster” Roman Volobueva, which he himself denies, marked by spaceplasma. Rumor has it that there is a Director’s version – almost a masterpiece. But the young producer Ilya Stewart showed the production version. Volobuev has threatened to remove his name from the credits.

For the script marked “Head. Two ears” Vitaly Suslin. It is based on the true story of the shepherd Ivan Lashina from the Voronezh region, who are divorced fraudsters. Ivan has told “MK” that he returned to his native village, threw away the SIM card, not to be beset by creditors. Cheaters caught, but released. And Ivan don’t want to pay for forced loans. Their amount is not so great. Maybe it will help Roman Abramovi became a regular at the festival. No one else for the guy to stand up.

Kabardian Director of the Cantemir Blagov noted for the debut. He received the prize for “Cramped” on the birthday of his teacher Alexander Sokurov. The picture also noted the new prize. Daniil Dondurei on behalf of the Guild of film critics of Russia. Cantemir appealed to the representatives of the film business: “do Not turn from the North Caucasus.”

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