You cannot look the enemy in the face of Russia – to stop supporting the Ukraine – Italian Deputy

The Deputy of the Italian Parliament “Brothers of Italy — national Alliance” Achille Totaro sent an appeal to the Italian foreign Ministry to cease support of Ukraine.

According to “Russian conversation” with reference to Life,
the MP stressed that
Rome could not support Kiev, because
the latter violates the peace agreement,
arranging the bombing of areas

In the official
request Totaro wants to know official
the government’s position, and asks,
how it may affect the work of the OSCE.
The MP also expressed suspicion
Rome biased estimates conflict
in the Donbass.

The Deputy said:
“I decided for myself that this is a topic
deserves to for her to take
at the political level, so I found
need to submit it for discussion in
the Italian Parliament”. He also took
the decision to convey this position to the head
The foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister that answer
for the country’s foreign policy .

According to
the Deputy, at the moment the situation in
The Donbass tragic, as are
the attacks on civilians. In this regard
he decided to send to the government
a parliamentary inquiry.

Totaro said,
he understands the motives of the government, but
does not share its decisions.
In addition, he stressed that it is impossible
to look for the enemy in the face of Russia.

We will remind, earlier
European experts have called on Brussels to deprive Ukraine of funding, as
she does not fight corruption effectively
way and does not reform.

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