Zakharchenko told the truth about the lack of results of the investigation of the crash “Boeing” over the Donbas

The self-proclaimed head of the Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko has accused Europe of “hiding” from the society truthful information about the plane crash that occurred in 2014.

Europe is not interested in the publication of the results of the investigation of the crash Malaysian Boeing 777 in the Donbass, said the leader of the Republic.

According to “Russian conversation”, thus, Zakharchenko commented on the message that law enforcement seized materials of Dutch journalists, who studied at the Donbass circumstances of the crash.

The correspondents worked on the territory of Donbass as legitimate, and therefore, the reasons for such actions.

“Europe is not interested in the official publication of the true results of the investigation. Therefore, the seized materials”, — said the head of DND .

In the Netherlands, local law enforcement officers seized things from the Miquel Spacers and Stephen Beck, who did a documentary about the collapse of the liner MH17.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” reported, Zakharchenko put the new venue of the meeting with Savchenko.

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