Zaporozhye airport did not receive funding, being 23 years in the office of the state Director

The state as the owner of the international airport “Zaporozhye” for 23 years did not allocate funding for the development and maintenance of its activities, said airport Director Victor Biskupsky.

“For 23 years, since 1991 and in 2013, the owner of the airport “Kiev” was the state, and it was not allocated a single penny or to sustain current activities or development. Only later did the city Council have taken the airport in his control. As soon as the city government took us in, helped us with finances, we have passed the certification procedure, performed a number of works started. Since 2014 we have a strong growth”, – he said during the Ukrainian infrastructure forum in Kyiv on Thursday.

Meanwhile, according to V. Biskopskulla, the past winter season was extremely difficult for the runway of the airport.

“The season was extremely difficult weather conditions, a large number of temperature changes during this season and almost “killed” the band . It was repaired last time in 1982″, he complained.

As reported, due to deteriorating weather conditions the international airport “Kiev” has stopped reception/departure flights, it is complete work will resume on may 4 when will open after reconstruction of the artificial runway.

“Due to the bad weather soaked dirt strip, and the artificial runway is being repaired. Thus, a restriction on the reception of the aircraft on a dirt runway until 22 April. A decision on opening will be made in accordance with the weather conditions,” – said the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” in the administration of the municipal enterprise “international airport Zaporozhye”.

Earlier it was reported that as of March 26, 2017 the international airport “Kiev” took the aircraft on a dirt runway, because the only paved runway was closed for repairs. Within about a month the airport took only one aircraft of the airline “Motor Sich”, which are able to land and take off from a dirt strip. Other airlines are forced to temporarily cancel flights to Zaporozhye.

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