Zeman in the lead on elections of the President of the Czech Republic

The current President of Czech Republic Milos Zeman is leading in the presidential elections from 43.31% of the vote, results on Saturday, the first data of the Czech radio on the basis of calculation 20% of the votes.

In second place from 24.48% of the votes the main competitor of M. Zeman, Jiri Dragos.

Presidential elections in the Czech Republic was held for two days – Friday in the afternoon Saturday in the first. Citizens had to choose a President from nine candidates.

According to polls, the main contenders for the presidency are the incumbent President miloš Zeman and the former head of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic I. Dragos.

M. Zeman openly holds anti-Muslim views, he had previously stated that the immigration crisis 2015 is “an organized invasion” to Europe, and believes that Muslims can integrate into European countries. He also repeatedly called for the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

I . Dragos in favour of cooperation with the EU and the preservation of sanctions against Russia. He insists that Prague should “play a more active role in the EU” and supports the adoption by the Czech Republic the Euro as its currency.

If none of the candidates obtains an absolute majority of votes, 26-27 January will be held the second round of voting.

General presidential elections are held in the Czech Republic for the second time, until 2013 the head of the Republic was elected by the deputies of the two chambers of Parliament. According to the results of the second round of elections in 2013, President of Czech Republic became M. Zeman, scoring 54.8% of the vote.

The Czech President is elected for five years.

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