Zuckerberg Facebook will change with the purpose of development of the global social infrastructure

Mark Zuckerberg intends to change the world and solve some important problems through the development of social infrastructure for the formation of a global community based on established social network Facebook.

In the night of Friday, he published a programmatic appeal to users, entitled “On the construction of a world community” (Building Global Community).

“Our job at Facebook is to help people to have the maximum positive impact, while minimizing the areas where technology and social media can strengthen the fragmentation and isolation”, – said M. Zuckerberg.

His Manifesto came as a surprise to users of a social network and industry experts. Recent months, Facebook has often been criticized as a platform that is used to spread misleading news.

According to analysts, M. Zuckerberg changes the strategy Facebook and the company’s position. Previously, she was a passive tool that unites people, but now its role may increase .

“Now around the world there are people who are left behind the globalization movement, advocating for a departure from global relations,” stated the founder of Facebook. In this regard, M. Zuckerberg wants to transition from social networks for friends and family to the development of global social infrastructure.

“In times such as now, the most important thing we in the Facebook can do is to create a social infrastructure to give people the opportunity to build a global community that works for all of us,” said M. Zuckerberg.

It was built around five themes: the willingness to help within the community, security, awareness, civic engagement and the opportunities for participation and development for all.

In particular, speaking about the dissemination of information, M. Zuckerberg expressed concern about the “bubble of filters” (personalize the search and display the information in which the user sees only what he likes and fits his views) and spread fake news.

In the opinion of the Creator of Facebook, the problem is the fact that sensational and simple messages spread faster than the others.

In addition, M. Zuckerberg noted that Facebook has developed an artificial intelligence that needs to identify prohibited content. This technology will partially applied in 2017.

As of late January, the monthly audience of Facebook has reached 1.86 billion people worldwide (an increase of 17% over the year). In December the number of users visiting Facebook daily from mobile devices amounted to 1.15 billion.

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