Amazon can produce chips of artificial intelligence

Corporation Amazon.com develops chip artificial intelligence to your smart dynamics Echo, reports The Information, citing a source in the company.

Chip artificial intelligence will work on devices with a personal assistant Alexa. This technology will increase the speed of information processing and reaction smart devices. Most of the information will now be processed directly on the device. Previously, the data analysis occurred in so-called “cloud”.

This development will allow Amazon to catch up with rival Apple and Google, are already manufacturing their own chips of artificial intelligence. At the same time, increasing the rivalry between the traditional chip makers Intel and NVidia and their former customers, Amazon, Apple and Google.

In addition, Amazon.com cuts hundreds of jobs in its headquarters in Seattle, reports The Seattle Times. At the same time, the company plans the opening of a new headquarters and create 50 thousand new jobs . The redistribution of personnel within the company were noted, mainly by the strengthening of the promising divisions like project Alexa and weakening retail section.

Last year the number of employees Amazon in the USA grew by 66% and amounted to 566 thousand people. In 2018, the company’s stock has risen 18.5% against the background of falling of index S&P 500 0.6%.

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