For cartoons: Medinsky urged to limit the hire of foreign films

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky made the passionate speech at the conference “Animation as the base vehicle for children’s education and development”, held in the new premises of the film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

He turned to Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets with the next request for the introduction of restrictive measures. We now have a course in the development of its own product and the elimination of others. Yet, in his opinion, rent is the displacement of Russian cinema, all at the mercy of an American painting: “I don’t know what social problems are solved this, of course, a masterpiece of world cinema, but 70 percent of the sessions in our cinema, of course, is the invisible hand of the market”. Although the real figure is 38 percent . But what if some domestic “great movies” no strength to watch those masterpieces!

But the Minister has a different opinion, so he asked Olga Golodets to support the bill to limit the number of sessions of one picture in cinemas. And since going on “Soyuzmultfilm”, we are talking about clearing the area under the full-length domestic cartoons “Suvorov” and “Hoffmanniana”. That is, again: goodbye “Paddington”. The Minister noted that to compare our multinodular with Hollywood, as cost alone “Shrek” is not comparable with a combined budget of Russian animation (it is about 800 million rubles). So the eyes take on South Korea, the achievements of which said Medina: “We produce 50 times less than Korea.” It’s time to overtake.

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