France threatened Syria with strike because of chemical weapons

Photo: gettyimages.com macron threatens Syria

The President of France Emmanuel macron has threatened Syrian authorities to strike, if it turns out that they used chemical weapons against civilians.

France has threatened to strike at Syria, if there against civilians would use chemical weapons. This was stated by the President Emmanuel macron said Wednesday, February 14, France24.

“Regarding chemical weapons, then I set the red line, and I stand by that red line. If we get the evidence that is used is prohibited by the treaties chemical weapons we will strike where these weapons are produced,” said macron.

However, the head of France noted that while to date, not installed, used illegal chemical weapons against civilians. In turn, the Syrian government has denied using chemical weapons and said that targets only the rebels and the rebels.

Previously in the United States claimed that the Syrian authorities can develop new types of chemical weapons.

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