Hundreds of Afghan soldiers from the first months of Russian aggression and now defending Ukraine in the structure of the armed forces – Poroshenko

The combat experience of soldiers in Afghanistan is very useful to the Armed forces of Ukraine and continues to be essential for Ukraine, says Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

“Combat experience Afghans have become extremely valuable for the Ukrainian troops. Especially in the first, most difficult months of the war defending Ukraine from Russian aggression and to this day hundreds of battle-hardened combat veterans are at the forefront of the fight against the aggressor, performing tasks in the Armed forces, National guard, State border service, security service and other law enforcement agencies”, – said Poroshenko at a solemn meeting devoted to celebration of participants of operations in territory of other States, and in connection with the 29th anniversary of the removal of troops from the Republic of Afghanistan on Wednesday in Kiev .

He noted that former soldiers-Afghans are also involved in a nationwide volunteer movement, and remain a reliable fighting mentors for young people.

Poroshenko reminded that 29 years ago ended with the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and noted that the country still feels the consequences of this gross Soviet invasion.

“After that it was Russian aggression in Transnistria against Moldova, events in Baku, the aggression against Georgia. Now the aggression against Ukraine, the events in Syria… They – all aggressive essence of the Soviet and now the Russian Empire,” stated Poroshenko.

He recalled that “the Inferno of Afghanistan” were 160 thousand of the Ukrainians.

“Almost one in four among the dead (in the Soviet troops in Afghanistan – if) our countryman. More than 3,300 people,” reminded Poroshenko.

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