In Bolivia occurred the second week of the explosion, there are victims

Photo: twitter.com/LosTiemposBol In the city of Oruro there was a second explosion

In the Bolivian city of Oruro has been the second few days of the explosion. As a result of incident four persons were lost, about ten have got wounds.

In the Bolivian city of Oruro in the night of Wednesday, February 14, occurred the second a few days the explosion. This writes Infobae.

As reported by Los Tiempos, citing the interior Ministry, as a result of incident four persons were lost, about ten have got wounds and were hospitalized.

According to the publication, the second explosion occurred near the scene of the last incident.


4 Sube a la cifra de muertos por la segunda explosión en #Oruro. Dos dos mayores y menores de edad. Información confirmada por el Ministerio de Gobierno. pic.twitter .com/hEOBKeteP1

— Los Tiempos (@LosTiemposBol) 14 Feb 2018


As noted by the interior Minister of Bolivia, Carlos Romero, in the near future the police will report if there’s any connection between these two events.

It is noted that police arrested three suspects.

Bolivian President Evo Morales expressed condolences to the victims and families of victims and also ordered to investigate the incident.



Recall, February 12 during the carnival festivities in Oruro, an explosion occurred, killing eight people.

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