In Ternopil, the fire injured worker archive

The fire in the state children’s municipal hospital in the city of Ternopil injured worker archive, rescuers evacuated 60 adults and 31 children rescued 17 children, according to the State service for emergency situations.

“Just fire, using special equipment, have saved 17 children, and brought to fresh air 31 children and 60 adults. Thanks to the coordinated actions of fire-rescue units in 18:45 the fire was localized, and 19:30 completely eliminated. The fire injured worker archive 1948. It burns the fingers and the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning were hospitalized”, – is spoken in the message.

Message about the fire came on 14 February at 18.15 in quickly-dispatching service of Management of gschs.

In the civil service said that the fire started in the basement of one of the buildings of the medical institution, burned the materials in the archival space, the estimated fire area of 30 square meters .

The elimination of fire were involved 7 units of special fire equipment and 32 personnel.

Supervised the fire fighting head Department gschs of Ukraine in the Ternopil region the Colonel of service of civil protection Victor Mosley

Causes and a material damage are established.

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