Kekhman on the day of his birth came on the scene with the sleeping daughter in his arms

The St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky theater has literally captured the wave of anniversaries and memorable dates. In March, the theater will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Opera company, the most magnificent building on the Arts square, built by Briullov and Kavos, in the fall knocks of 185 and 85 years, celebrated ballet troupe. Well, to Vladimir Kekhman, who returned to the theater is not only a historical name, but also the status of the leading Opera house in Russia, just turned 50. On this date two sold-out events: the Rossini Opera “the Barber of Seville” and dance gala concert. In both performances of world stars of Opera and ballet.

Hero of the day, Vladimir Kekhman, with a small daughter.

In the afternoon, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky and the Governor of the Northern capital Georgy Poltavchenko visiting the facades of historic buildings . The Minister is satisfied: the facade returned to original appearance of moldings, repaired the roof, recreated the window.

First night of “the Barber of Seville” — a fun and truly comical spectacle, decided by the Director and artist Eric Fergie as a motley costume fest in toy-cardboard Seville. If the premiere in September, the party of don Basilio made inimitable Paata Burchuladze, this time the guest star Paolo Bordogna (Dr. Bartolo) and Xavier Anduaga (count Almaviva) make a wonderful batch of “local” — Vasilisa Berzansky (Rosina), Alexander Bezrukov (don Basilio) and the inimitable Boris Pinkhasovich in the role of Figaro. Dmitry Korchak for the remote control proved himself as a musician of the highest class endowed with a fine ear, impeccable taste and not only understanding the style of Rossini (if he does, the tenor, the singing party of the first position in the best Opera theatres of the world, do not understand!), but also the skill of working with the orchestra, which he skillfully translates their conductor’s intentions. This is not the first conductor to the success of the budding Maestro, so we can safely predict a great career.

Touching: the bows, the actors bring to the scene the hero of the day. Kekhman holds a ten-month-old sleeping infant, which, as you know, took maternity leave. Mise EN scene is not only a fitting similar to the case of affection: we all know how ambiguous society, and especially in the critical are Kekhman. In the contemporary cultural life is not to find, perhaps, more provocative than he was. But whatever may be said, are the facts: the Mikhailovsky theatre, who for 10 years of his leadership from a provincial theatre has become a center of world culture. The Novosibirsk Opera and two years of giant dilapidated barn transformed into a modern, comfortable theatre with new exciting repertoire. And this is the reality. As touching the baby in his arms.

A little history: the Mikhailovsky theatre built by the project of A. P. Brullov, was opened in 1833 by the decree of Nicholas I. Frequent visitors of the ideas here were Pushkin, Zhukovsky, Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky. And exactly 100 years later, in 1933, there is created the ballet troupe, though ten years earlier a small dance group to participate in operas and operettas here already existed. By the time the theatre is renamed the Maly Opera and ten years later it put the ballet “Harlequinade”. The Director — famous choreographer Fyodor Lopukhov. It and believe the founding father of the company. In 1935 he creates for theater ballet to music by Shostakovich “the Bright stream” — so successful that soon it will transfer to Big. Well, the fate of the masterpiece is in the spirit of the times: devastating article “Ballet falseness” in the “Truth” and oblivion for many years.

Legendary names associated with the theatre: Leonid Lavrovsky, Konstantin Boyarsky, Peter Gusev, Igor Belsky, Nikolai Boyarchikov, Boris Eifman (diploma work — the ballet “Gayane”), Oleg Vinogradov and Yury Lyubimov (Yaroslavna). The USSR’s first “La Sylphide” set in here, too. And yet here he worked Nikita Dolgushin, Farukh Ruzimatov and many who have, up to the famous Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato (2011-2014), created especially for the Mikhailovsky in fact, the whole contemporary repertoire. The successes of the past decade in the ballet theatre connected with Mikhail Messerer, the famous ballet representative of the dynasty. If Duato creates contemporary performances, Messerer revives Soviet classics — “Laurencia” and “Flames of Paris”.

photo: Stanislav Levshin
Paolo Bordogna (Bartolo) and Vasilisa Berzhanskaya (Rosina).

After touring in London at the end of 2013, the British critics declared the best company of the Mikhailovsky ballet company. Another year — another breakthrough: “Class concert”, the legendary Bolshoi ballet, created in 1962 by Asaf Messerer, many years later resumed his nephew Michael for a Great first, and then to Michael. This hugely popular and not so often (to fulfill his hellishly difficult) show ballet and presented in the first part of the ballet evening.

For remote Pavel Sorokin — conductor, through which a series of “the Nutcracker” or “the Bright stream” in the Big become not only ballet, but also musical events. The variety of music performed during the gala, has enabled Maestro to show different sides of the orchestra of the Mikhailovsky, which is now in great shape. Copper great group, great strings, great sound processing of music by Monteverdi, which was danced by Roberto Bolle. Well, classical ballet fragments sounded with the necessary Shine and brilliance.

“Class concert” is, in fact, the ballet class in the “chemically pure” form, but artistically transformed and shown in the form of the piece. There are actually presents the whole hierarchy structure of ballet: students of the ballet school (the ballet was attended by students of the Moscow Academy) to Etoile with their mind-boggling technique. The successful existence of this ballet in the repertoire is unthinkable not only without bright stars showcasing their virtuosity (and their troupe, thank God, in abundance), but without a strong ballet team, which today (and it showed in the evening) is not inferior to his strength and skill first-class European companies.

Wanted that to Michael or not, but in fact the anniversary gala shows a collective portrait of contemporary Russian ballet, and most importantly — its current status. It represented it the best power of the three leading ballet companies: Bolshoi, Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky. Naturally, this is a competition, which, as expected, ended in a draw, as the participants of the gala are first class professionals.

Second compartment a scene from the ballet “Cinderella” by Prokofiev’s music opens a harmonious duet — Ivan Zaytsev and Angelina Vorontsova. Very well revealed in his dramatic talent in the famous “black” duet from John Neumeier from “Ladies with camellias” the organic ballerina, Olga Smirnova. Interesting looked and box duet from the Bolshoi and Mariinsky: Viktoria Tereshkina, chief of the St. Petersburg ballet star and Artem Ovcharenko, Moscow flawless classic, came out in the most difficult of the “Big classical pas” Ober-Gusovskogo. However, in the fouettés at Tereshkina has not worked, and “chemistry” in a duet with these artists is not enough, what can explain the sudden replacement of the partner of the ballerina — Timur Askerov — Ovcharenko. But the latter is so perfectly performs his classical variation that would be worth addressing them as a visual aid in Moscow and the Vaganova Academy.

photo: Stanislav Levshin
Almaviva – Xavier Anduaga.

Once again we see and admire an exclusive version of the ballet “the Sleeping beauty” staged by Nacho Duato. In a pas de Deux from this ballet Leonid Sarafanov (and the ballet was put on him) bathed in the choreography of the Spaniard — so it is this amazing dancer. Become Sarafanov — graceful like a statuette of Sevres porcelain, Olesya Novikova, his wife and one of the leading Mariinsky approx. Still surprised and fascinated the audience with their tricks in a pas de Deux from “don Quixote”, the Prime Minister of the Mikhailovsky theatre (he has been a guest soloist of the Bolshoi) Ivan Vasiliev: elements of the “ultra si” he has a terrific. But form a remarkable dancer leaves much to be desired.

“The icing on the cake” — Roberto Bolle, superstar in the world of ballet, the artist is now the highest-paid dancer in the world. To the world-renowned Italian artist Kekhman helped Director of the Bolshoi makharbek Vaziev, who came from Moscow to Petersburg and participated actively in the rehearsals. And why such gifts Vaziev does the Moscow audience? Roberto Bolle haven’t spoiled the Russian capital with his presence.

In the duet from the ballet “Caravaggio” Mauro Bigonzetti that Bolle danced with his partner from the Royal ballet Melissa Hamilton, no jumping, acrobatics and trickery, but the plastic movement in this room is fascinating. In addition to the eroticism and sensuality of the relationship between man and woman in this room allows the Ball to demonstrate to the public their sculpted and chiseled body. And Bolle loves to do — he’s a dancer with great charm and strong charisma. The human body, especially such as Bolle, sculpting Michelangelo, here shown as sculpture, and the Duo — both sculptural composition: a sample of perfect purity and beauty.

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