Life for friend, 13-year-old student trying to save on the familiar water and drowned himself, – RF IC

In the Omsk region, Isilkul town, recorded the deaths of thirteen-year-old student who tried to help the drowning classmate.

This became known from the message of regional management SK the Russian Federation, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to the reports, the incident happened in the pit day of Thursday, June 29.

“According to preliminary data, the boy jumped into the water to save his 12-year-old classmate, swimming, began to choke, but he began to sink. Vacationing on the beach the man was able to make the water girl, but the boy drowned,” reads the message.

To date, the police have organized a pre-investigation check. The guards turned to the adult population, urging more carefully monitor children and do not let them go alone walking in the water.

Previously, “Russian conversation” passed as on the streets of Omsk was a murder that hit all their cruelty . The murderer was a young man who decided to kill one of the people, insufficiently politely asked to light.

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