Michael Weller: “the Destruction of civilization is happening right before our eyes”

A new book by Michael Weller is intriguing title: “Wheretofore”. What’s it? Cover in the form of an ancient Tome with brass clasps. And suddenly it crumpled picture in the style of cubism of the early twentieth century.

Photo: Victor Huseynov

And on the back cover is a quote from a medieval Indian poet Keshavdas: “Our faith and makes it true…»

Book wise Weller I swallowed in two days. It made me need to meet him. The conversation was rapid.

— Michael, “In vino veritas,” said Pliny the Elder, meaning “In wine the truth.” And “fobia” — “fear” — this is not Latin, and drevnegrecheski. But the words “veritofobia” in the dictionary. You decided to take words?

— The word was invented just because the dictionary doesn’t have. This phenomenon is — “fear the truth” — there is . And explore it you must! The fear to realize the truth, escape from the truth, terrified to admit what’s really going on, a phenomenon which has become a huge scale in our time. Politicians are afraid to talk about the future, demographers are afraid to talk about the causes of extinction, sexologists avoid thinking about morality, culture don’t want to hear about the collapse of culture. Today Western and Russian society does not want to know the dangerous truth about himself. The default became part of the modern ideology. And it is fraught with global catastrophe. The death of civilization is happening right before our eyes.

The first part of your book is mostly autobiographical. You remember from childhood indoctrinated lie to an entire generation, and entire Soviet people. Through slogans, through literature, history, election procedure. You saw the light in the perestroika years, or sooner, on your own?

— We did not know that if a lie repeated ten thousand times on the radio and in Newspapers, but it is to believe in the truth. We do not think about the social schizophrenia society. But almost all suffered from a split consciousness: the close saw one thing and believed something distant and perfect, is quite another. Believed that 99.9% of people really vote for “candidates of the indestructible block of Communists and non-party”. The poor farmers believed in the Soviet Paradise of the famous film “Kuban Cossacks”. But the “Prague spring” of 1968, when Soviet tanks crushed the Czechoslovak “velvet revolution”, forced to think. Expulsion Brodsky, Solzhenitsyn, Viktor Nekrasov, emigration Gladilina and Aksenov, ban books Nabokov, Orwell, Nikolai Gumilev — all it forced me to think. In General is harmful to teach young people in the universities! Students gradually realized that people in the West live freer and more comfortable than in the USSR.

But in the last part of the book, you leave the modern West from a stone! You smash his ideology, his values! From tolerance and political correctness to shreds fly. What you do not like freedom and prosperity of the West, where people from all over the world?

— Western civilization was built by Europeans, Christians in centuries past. All in science, technology, art, architecture created? White Christian heterosexual male, monogamous, drank, smoked, periodoftime, aggressive and intolerant. They opened up the world, brought him civilization, built cities and roads, created physics and mathematics, philosophy and aviation. They invented and introduced humanism, socialism, liberalism and tolerance. This they wrote on the banners: “Freedom! Equality! Brotherhood!”We all owe to our ancestors — their intelligence, labor, to their victims. That they built a thriving civilization.

And when a prosperous society has been able to adequately contain the sick and the old, provided a proper life, even the stupid and lazy and are concerned about equal rights for all minorities, suddenly having crazy problems! Freeloaders breadwinners and declared all equal! Stupid and clever, lazy and industrious — declared equal! Agreed that the duty of workers to keep social parasites. And the creators of a civilization announced by the oppressors of the peoples and destroyers of other cultures. Heterosexual white male Christian was just oppressed minority that needs to get all last. And the younger generations believe that it should be.

The West has dominated the neo-communism as ideology. Their ideologists — nephews of the Russian Bolsheviks. They are successfully taught to believe in the ideal and not to believe the truth. But when you run out of wealth created by past generations, pop and equalization for slackers.

— However, from Russia leaving more than a hundred thousand people a year in the West — in Europe and the United States. So they were attracted to her. You spoke to our immigrants in many cities of Europe and the USA. How do they feel satisfied?

— Well-arranged mostly. Leaving because people are energetic, educated, young in the first place. They go to work, earn money, to provide children with prospects. And they do: our people are hardy and resistant. And well prepared.

Secondary education in the West collapsed — except for expensive private schools. There people two plus three finds on your computer. In school, the dominant ideology: everyone is equal, nobody should stand out, good and bad marks can not be put, gifted children and mental disabilities should be taught in the same program. Then in universities, students plow and catching up.

— Are not you afraid that the liberals will declare war on you? Accused of “white Suprematism” and discrimination against minorities? And there to accusations of neo-fascism in the neighborhood.

They are not liberals, that’s the name they have stolen and appropriated. Liberalism is freedom for all. And they are socialists: give all the advantages of the losers at the expense of egalitarianism for talented and hardworking.

I’m not at the age where fear of persecution. By the age of 70 should only be afraid for the future of children and grandchildren, for what will remain after you. And there is the fact that at the end of the XXI century from our great civilization will remain in ruins.

Reduced level of education. Occurs ethnic replacement of the peoples of European civilization. To say this politically correct. It’s true! But it is bad! To tell the truth — racism, nationalism, xenophobia and neo-fascism. Do you understand?! Not to condemn, not to fight but to even mention the phenomenon of “liberals” supposedly believe fascism!

Is the replacement. But you’re supposed to say that diversity is good. Officially it is forbidden to publish data on the crime of migrants. And that is considered right and good. Migrants are allowed to insult the owners but the owners are forbidden to speak ill of the migrants, otherwise it’s fascism.

In the well known books by Richard Lynn and Philippe Rushton is irrefutable statistics: hundreds of thousands of studies about the differences between races in intelligence, temperament, and propensity for violence. Nobody has managed to refute, but even to mention these works is considered politically incorrect! Ideology is at the forefront of science.

Artificial intelligence with obvious inevitability displaces human… that globalization is aimed at the destruction of sovereign States, the absolute dominance of transnational corporations that national culture needs to disappear — to say the politically correct.

— But why these processes occur — and many do not want to think about it and talk about it?

— It is clear that any organism is born, grows up, lives, grows old and dies. And replaced by the land of others. This is the fate of biological systems. The fate of the state and social system similar. Civilization is born, grows up, lives, grows old and dies. This aspect of social evolution. Killed civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Minoan civilization, Greco-Roman. European-Christian is also not eternal. Nothing in the Universe forever. But civilization creates itself through people, realize their thoughts and actions. That civilization died, people should do it. And to do is to prove it. And they say it is a fair and noble things: that all people are equal, that a woman needs to realize itself in production for no less than men, that sexual minorities are equal to the traditional majority that cohabitation in marriage and outside marriage, children born in marriage and outside of marriage are completely equal. And what’s more: all the deprived to help. Do you agree? I agree! As a result, is born very small children, and Christian peoples in the eyes of themselves in lieu of the less advanced culturally but more prolific and viable. In the end, they will be replaced. It is necessary at least to understand.

— So what European values does not help to save civilization?

— Values are concepts and principles that are useful for the preservation and prosperity of the people. The principles at first glance beautiful, but as a result of quickly leading to the destruction of the people is not values, it’s opium, it’s more sweet narcosis leading to death.

And tolerance for others, and help the weak — it is right and good, but to a certain limit. While these principles are not hipertrofiada to the fact that they allow the weak to suck the juices from the strong to the complete dying.

The terrible fate of socialism and equality in the United States — the fate of Detroit, the automotive capital of the world. Now there are slums. High taxes and the maintenance of idlers at the expense of working has forced businesses to run. Today, there criminal African-American ghetto.

— You have described the famous experiments in social psychology that have shown that people sometimes do not believe their own eyes, believe the authorities or the majority. We’re not just talking about propaganda. Why people often do not want to know the truth, protecting their illusion foaming at the mouth?

— First of all, the human psyche tends to comfort. To think positive and not think about the bad — it’s just necessary for mental health. We want to get along with others and drive the bad thoughts and anxiety.

Secondly, man is a social being. In our Millionnaya history survived only those who overcame difficulties and were protected from enemies agreed upon by the group. And the unity of the group was more important than freedom of speech and thought. You may be right, but one without his group lost. Along with all have a chance to survive. And there was natural selection: survive “people’s collective”. Therefore the instinct of collective survival dictates generally men neglect their own point of view, and to believe in the rightness of the leader and of the team.

And here is a normal person after other participants call a long line of short, short long or “zapping” of the student by order of the Director.

Hypnotise the masses, that the elite and the majority consider it the truth and all believe. Absolutism, communism, fascism, liberalism — the masses believed them to be true, treat this ideology as their own scientific knowledge.

But we have more action than in the West. The massacre in Perm school makes you wonder where we brought today’s permissiveness. Ahead of presidential elections. Where are we going, what do they believe? Who pin our hopes on? If there is even a candidate “against all” — Ksenia Sobchak?

This is a perfect example of how smart, educated people can not understand the basic things because they believe in what they are convenient. Support the candidate as part of the liberal opposition and the intelligentsia said about the moral anesthesia, hit the “elite”.

Here’s a look through the eyes of the electorate, the mass of voters, of the people, so to speak. Who does he see? Former TV presenter infamous, bidloo “Dom-2”. A girl who started life in Moscow with luxury huge apartment in the supercenter. Matuhi on different occasions and scandals, such as “those shits” about the children on the Playground, which interfere with her sleep through the day. “Socialite” is in a poor country where half of people’s wages on food and the apartment is not enough. Making money on corporate parties, entertaining the rich at their feasts. Rest on yachts, and luxury resorts. Gilded vulgarity. And all of a sudden!!! For freedom and justice! And all the liberal agenda these lips!

To think that such a voter? “That’s her life for these liberal slogans? Slogans we have heard plenty, and personality — that’s it. In the coffin we saw these slogans, if they are preaching such a person”. You can fool any words — but you can not fool with your life.

That is elementary political trick: to discredit the liberal agenda, putting it in the mouth, which mass voter considers obscene. That’s the whole binomial theorem. And the people at the rallies booed her and chanted: “Down”. While the liberal party talks seriously about how it diversifies the election. Not realizing that the immorality of the individual is the key to the cynical lawlessness of the policy.

In detail, with passion and conviction experienced analyst Weller delves into all the problems and nuances of human psychology and existence. The book is written in acute. The reasoning of the analyst deserve the most careful consideration and their own thinking.

The keynote socio-psychological “Veritati” — do not be afraid of the truth!

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