NACP proposes to strengthen the control of financing of political parties

The National Agency on corruption prevention prepared a draft law on amendments to the law of Ukraine “On political parties in Ukraine”, which serves to limit the exercise of contributions in support of political parties, the press service of the Agency.

“Practical application and implementation of the National Agency of the provisions of the law of Ukraine “On political parties in Ukraine” (hereinafter – the Law) has outlined a number of pending legislative issues and rules that require clarification. There is a need to improve the mechanisms of party financing, monitoring and accountability of political parties”, – said the Chairman of the NACP Natalia Korchak.

According to her, those companies whose founders are foreign legal entities and persons cannot be identified according to the provided information, it is proposed to prohibit contributions in support of political parties.

In addition, the Agency offers a number of other initiatives, such as the specication of Bank accounts, restrictions on the exercise of contributions in support of political parties, changes in the party report on property, incomes, expenses and obligations of financial nature, etc. In particular, NACP offer be required to submit quarterly reports personally to the leaders of political forces or authorized persons of political parties indicating the report information on their personal data.

“This is due to the fact that in some cases, financial reports of the parties serving in the National Agency of the individual, authorized political parties to prepare reports, and other persons who, in case of detection of violations may not be brought to justice,” – said in a statement.

However, the NACP proposes that each local organization of the party has provided information for the report on state funding and reimbursement of costs associated with the financing of the election campaign.

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