Nebesa: the Russian Federation is trying to prevent a major international conflict in Syria

UN, 14 Feb. /TASS./ Russia is doing everything possible to prevent any major international confrontation in Syria. This was stated by the media, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia following the meeting of the Security Council on the Syrian settlement.

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“We are doing everything in order to prevent any major international confrontation in Syria. We work hard on this, and what we do in the context of the political process [in Syria] is a part of these efforts,” he said, commenting on the possibility of escalation of the war in the Arab country in a major international conflict.

According to the diplomat, Russia is most of all interested in resolving the conflict in the middle East country. “I think so far no one has done for the political process in Syria more than we do. We work with the government and with the opposition through [the establishment of] zones of de-escalation, via the process in Astana, and now we managed to organize and host an unprecedented event – Congress of the Syrian national dialogue in Sochi,” – said Nebenzia.

The consensus on Syrian resolution

Commenting on the possible terms of consideration of the Kuwait and Sweden of the document, the permanent representative noted that Russia is committed to ensuring that the draft resolution in support of a ceasefire in Syria had unanimous support of all members of the UN Security Council.

According to him, when the security Council decisions require a vote, “it means something bad”, and if some delegations there is a consensus, that is, on the contrary, good. “We strive for consensus. As soon as we reach, we will accept it (the resolution – approx. TASS),” – said the diplomat.

He stressed that the Security Council “should maintain its credibility and achieve only those goals that are achievable”. “We want an immediate ceasefire, but the situation on the ground [in Syria] does not allow us to believe that this can be done in one night. And it’s not that one side wants to with all my heart, and the other that prevents. There are clashes, clashes between the Syrian army and the terrorists,” – said Nebenzia.

Earlier this week, Kuwait and Sweden proposed to the UN security Council to adopt a resolution in support of the 30-day cease-fire in Syria. The silence, as follows from the draft document will be available 72 hours after the adoption of the resolution. In addition, the text of the request to the parties to the fighting to allow humanitarian assistance to affected areas and permit to evacuate the wounded.

As said on Wednesday the Deputy permanent representative of Sweden to the UN, Carl Skau, discussions on the draft resolution are constructive, and his delegation looked forward to the early adoption of the document. For its consideration, spoke and other members of the security Council, including France. The permanent representative of this country françois Delattre called prepared by Sweden and Kuwait the project “good and strong”. “The sooner we accept the resolution, the better,” he added.

The UN security Council held on Wednesday a meeting on Syria with the participation of the special envoy of the Secretary-General Staffan de Mistura. During the discussion much attention was paid to the latest developments in Syria, including the clashes between factions supported by different international players, the impact of the US-led coalition Pro-government forces and the Israeli air RAID in response to the violation of the airspace of the Jewish state unmanned aircraft launched from Syrian territory.

Before the meeting, French Ambassador Francois Delattre said that the “recent events” in Syria was “all the ingredients” for the occurrence of “major regional and international confrontation.” According to him, we must make every effort to avoid this scenario. The diplomat stressed that the security Council must de-escalation of the situation in Syria, “until it got out of control.”

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