Russian flutist Maxim Rubtsov for the first time will act with a solo concert in Carnegie hall

Maxim Rubtsov

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NEW YORK, February 14. /Corr. TASS Natalia Slavina/. Musician of the Russian national orchestra (RNO) flutist Maxim Rubtsov in the first time will perform in recital on the stage of Carnegie hall in new York.

He told this in an interview with TASS.

“Musical Everest”

“I had been on the stage of Carnegie, the RNC and other groups, and now the first time I will play solo, said Rubtsov. – I’m just happy to be in the hall, which is considered the mount Everest and a dream for all musicians. Carnegie is a serious height, and it is not only the great names and historic concerts. A special role is played by what is called the genius of the place, in the spiritual ascent that you feel physically when you recognize your ownership” .

The musician said that the speech falls on February 14, Valentine’s Day: “All artworks and miniatures, which can be heard in Carnegie created to feel love, they say to the audience: “I love you.” This will be the idea of the concert: such a romantic evening I plan to fulfill all your favourites and specially written for this performance of the work.”

The concert program of works by Russian and American authors. The musician transcribed for flute Sonata for violin and piano by American composer John Corigliano. “The author was invited to play his work, I was happy to do the processing, he was satisfied and promised to come to the concert,” said Scar.

Artistic Director of the RNO Mikhail Pletnev wrote a Scherzo for the performance of Maxim in new York. “He wrote it two days ago, my concert will be the world premiere of this work,” said the flutist. In Carnegie hall will also include works by namesake flutist, composer Andrey Rubtsov, with whom the musician has long worked.

The flutist will also perform tunes that were heard in the circle of the Russian Royal family. “I visited the National library of Congress in Washington and found interesting notes, entitled “the Imperial collection of Russia.” It is completely unfamiliar works from the collection intended for domestic music-making in the family circle of the Romanovs. I found it very interesting to perform them on stage,” – said Scar.

To accompany the soloist will be pianist Sergei Kvitko living in the United States.

About Russian music education

Scar appreciates of modern Russian musical education. In recent years, interest in music, including a flute, in his opinion, is growing. “The new generation plays great, current children are the real virtuosos, and is already someone to be proud of, – said the musician. Great teachers, our school in conjunction with technical progress gives amazing results.”

“I am very grateful to the masters of the Russian school, which lit my creative path with the light of his genius and inspiration, lit the heart with zeal and true devotion to music,” he said. Scars expressed special gratitude to his teacher, the teacher College. Music Nicholas Kondrashova. “He is already 96 years old, and I still consult him because he is very important in my life”, – said the musician.

“For health and soul”

Scars, in his own words, passionately in love with the flute, its sound and philosophy. “Wind [instruments] soul live music, and the flute – the mystical instrument of the orchestra, he said. – Unbelievable, but true: flute, clears the lungs, and therefore, doctors recommend learning to play this instrument in children with asthma and other pulmonary diseases.”

“From other wind instruments is a pressure, suffer from copper teeth, violin cause scoliosis from sitting too long at the piano also have problems, and only the flute has an extremely beneficial effect on health, – said Maxim. – Standing, well-breathing, playing, soul singing, what could be better? That’s why I always recommend to play the flute. It aligns breathing, thoughts and creates an inner harmony”.

Scar wants to popularize among fellow classical music. “I plan to play with different Russian orchestras, it is very interesting. Already have a special program consisting of the works at the junction of classical and popular tunes, and I plan to travel with her Russian cities to introduce our listeners to classical music, flute and new emotions, he explained. – I started this project with my native city of Bryansk and want to go back in many cities”.

Have contained not only a musical education, he also seriously enjoys dancing. “My children’s dance classes once brought me to the stage, – he recalls. But now we live in a happy time when a dance with a great variety of styles and genres successfully combined with the music in every stage. I’m always interested to participate in such projects, connecting different areas of fine arts, whether dance or gymnastic movement, music, painting, other types of creativity.”

“I just urge parents to give their children a musical education. It improves thinking ability Association, broadens the mind, makes them kinder and smarter,” concluded the musician.

Maxim Rubtsov – winner of international awards, and in 2000 served as first flute of the RNO. He was one of the founders of the brass quintet of the orchestra, as well as the initiator of creation of the international flute school in Guangzhou in China.

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