SFGCU the beginning of the spring forward program for the purchase of grain harvest in 2018

PJSC “State food and grain Corporation” (SFGCU) has announced the beginning of the spring forward programme in which it will buy from farmers for winter and spring crops harvest in 2018.

According to the Corporation, within the framework of spring forward SFGCU plans to proanonsirovat farmers amounting to almost 1.5 billion.

Purchase programme applies to such crops as wheat, barley, corn and oats. Collecting necessary documents for conclusion of contracts for the supply of grain next harvest is carried out through the regional offices of GPZKU.

Spring forward campaign-2018 will be held in two stages. During the first farmers need to apply to the regional branch of the Corporation of the application for participation in the program, generate required documents, and contracts deliveries to the Central office. After signing the contract on current account of the farmer shall be transferred to the prepayment in the amount of 3 thousand UAH per ton . The cost of funds will not exceed 11% per annum.

The second stage of the forward program provides for the delivery of grain by farmers in quantity and quality in accordance with the terms of the agreement to the branch office of the Corporation and final payment in the second tranche.

SFGCU established by the government of Ukraine in August 2010. It includes an extensive network of branches – linear and port elevators, mills, feed mills and cereal plants. A total of 53 units-a branch of SFGCU may store 3.75 million tons of grain. Including the total capacity for handling export of the Odessa and Nikolaev ports amount to about 2.5 million tonnes of grain cargo per year.

The Corporation in 2012, agreed with the Export-import Bank of China loan of $1.5 billion, which would be used for the purchase of grain for their exports according to trade agreements with China. The operator on the Chinese side of the contract for 15 years, made the Chinese national Corporation of machine industry and General Contracting (its empty).

The expected total shipments of grain from Ukraine in the framework of the contract, according to information of Ministry of agrarian policy, will be 80 million tons (the first year of deliveries under the credit agreement – 4 million tons, the second year, 4.5 tons, the third year at the 15th – low of 5.17 million tonnes).

It was assumed that in the future, the Chinese side will allocate $1.5 billion for projects of irrigation and development of grain logistics.

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