“The good will of the Caucasus” gathered in North Ossetia more than a thousand volunteers from all republics skfo

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VLADIKAVKAZ, February 13. /TASS./ More than a thousand participants volunteer and the volunteer organizations of the North Caucasus Federal district (NCFD) have gathered for the first gathering of volunteers “Good will of the Caucasus” in Vladikavkaz, TASS was told by the organizers of the event.

Participants from all seven regions skfo not only met with each other and took part in master classes, but also told about the activities of their organizations, the state Duma deputies, among whom was Aleksandr Karelin, buvaysar saytiyev, Svetlana Zhurova, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Nikolai Valuev .

Goodwill is good for the Caucasus

The first gathering of volunteers “Good will of the Caucasus” was held in the North Ossetian state University in Vladikavkaz on the initiative of the Deputy of the state Duma from North Ossetia, Deputy Chairman of Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Artur Taymazov’s.

He noted that the rally is timed to the Year of the volunteer, which was launched in 2018, President Vladimir Putin. “Our country needs socially responsible, noble people. Therefore, you need to support, and you still supports the President of our country is the most important and important proof of the usefulness of your work. For its part, the state Duma adopts laws to the volunteer movement has evolved,” said Taymazov.

“I am pleased to participate in the opening and in the gathering of volunteers. “The good will of the Caucasus” – with these words says it all: in the Caucasus, a good soul, in the Caucasus, a good heart, a good force. But most importantly, in the Caucasus, good will, and it allows all of you to do good works, to implement large-scale volunteer projects,” said Secretary of the General Council of the party “United Russia” Andrey Turchak at the opening of the meeting.

In the framework of the opening ceremony before the University was a large-scale flashmob. Its members have combined all the dances of the peoples living in the North Caucasus, and in the end unanimously chanted “Russia, Caucasus”.

Volunteers of all republics unite!

A significant part of the meeting was the opening of the Center of support of volunteering in Vladikavkaz. He became the first in the North Caucasus and is designed to assist volunteers in the organizational, methodological, educational and Advisory resources, and to unite them across the Caucasus and the country. The representatives of voluntary organizations will also be able to learn about important events of the Federal and regional agendas, programmes, forums, stock for further participation in them.

© Vladimir Mukagov/TASS

“These resource centres should open in every region, so you each other, talked and shared experiences. Today sports youth intersect with each other, communicates, and you did. Thanks to the forum “Mashuk”, which aims to unite you, but you need these platforms to increase, what we will do,” said Taymazov, who initiated the establishment of the centre.

According to Turchak, the support of volunteering should be open across the country. “Our task – to make these centers opened in the territory of each subject of the Russian Federation”, – he said.

In an interview with TASS the head of the North Ossetian branch of the “Victory Volunteers” Arthur Moravou said that in North Ossetia in recent years, accelerating the development of the volunteer movement. He admitted that the establishment of the centre, which will also help the implementation of financial projects, will give a new impetus to volunteering in the Republic and the country as a whole. “At the rally we met with guys from other regions, exchange knowledge and experience. I hope that now will meet more often in the new center,” added Moravou.

To teach and tell about yourself

During the event guests and participants enjoyed the presentation of volunteer projects, as well as workshops and creative competitions. Were 27 sites volunteer movement in the sphere of civil-Patriotic education, health care, education, culture, sports.

The head of North Ossetia Vyacheslav Bitarov noted that the volunteer movement in the Republic are working in different directions. In the region there are more than 2 thousand volunteers and 11 volunteer organizations. “Today, the fact that there were children from other regions, to exchange experience and to enrich your knowledge. And of course, the presence of such well-known men of the volunteers is a stimulus for development of volunteering”, – concluded Bitarov.

So, the “Victory Volunteers” operate in the territory of North Ossetia for the third year and take part in all social events. Turchak thanked the volunteers for their work and noted the importance of their chosen direction. “This is a very important and good direction. Across the country, “the Volunteers of Victory” – the main organization, and most importantly, thank you for what you keep traditions”, – he said after the presentation of the organization.

The participants could also participate in master-classes of experts to create short films, public speaking.

The event ended with a film about the Paralympic movement “From the bottom to the top”, shot in 2017. It is the story of two-time Paralympic champion Alexey Moshkin, who along with the crew arrived to Vladikavkaz.

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