The head of the Kharkiv regional state administration initiates at the closest session of a regional Council providing funding for the drafting of a new cancer center

The head of the Kharkiv regional state administration Yulia Svetlichnaya in favour of the construction of a new cancer center and initiates allocation of funds for the development of the project at the nearest session of regional Council.

“I gave the order to have pledged funding for the development of the project at this session, which will take place on March 1… So stretch will not be as fast as you can join to start construction work. I think that before the end of the year will do everything to make all the necessary legal steps. And the construction of the cancer center nearly 7-8 thousand sq m will need time. I think 1.5-2 years we will make cancer a complex”, – said Yulia Svetlichnaya at a briefing on Tuesday in Kyiv.

According to her, now specialists choose the location for the new cancer center. However, she stressed that, in accordance with European practice it is necessary to build a close multidisciplinary medical centres to facilitate the treatment of patients with concomitant pathologies.

Answering the question, do you plan to use the achievements of predecessors, Yulia Svetlichnaya said, “today, I look forward to hearing specialists, where it is possible to propose a construction of the cancer center and after receipt of the relevant proposals, I’m ready to give relevant information to the press.”

As reported, in February 2014, the Director of the Department of health Kharkiv regional state administration Alexander Galatzan stated that the design of land acquisition of land for the construction of the new Oncology center is at the final stage.

“Currently, the region’s leadership has taken specific steps to allocate land for future building. It is defined in the territory of Saltovsky medical complex. Already completed necessary formalities for land acquisition of the whole area, in order to start designing the building itself. For the construction of such buildings should be at least UAH 200 million. for the entire project, and approximately the same amount is needed for medical equipment”, – said A. Galazan.

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