The land Commission of city Council supported the establishment of the capital Park named Basil Slipka

On Andreevsky descent by the decision of the land Commission of city Council will be a square in honor of the deceased in the area ATO Ukrainian Opera singer Vasily Kipaka, where the public and artists initiated the establishment of the monument, the press service of “freedom”.

“Land Commission city Council unanimously supported “Sobolewski” draft decision on the provision of Park land on the Andreevskom, 33/6. This square will carry the name of hero of Ukraine Vasily Slipka “Myth”. Unfortunately, the environmental Commission sided with the mob and rejected the project. Actually the fight is between those in that place would be the emergency exit of the shopping complex of one Donetsk-Tatar oligarch, or a place of memory of the hero of Ukraine Vasily Slipak – “Myth”. Convinced that the company will win!”– said the Deputy of the city Council from IN “Freedom” Yury Sirotyuk .

As noted, in order for the decision entered into force, it should be taken at the plenary meeting of the city Council.

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