The Ministry of Finance: Treasury account condominiums for receiving benefits and subsidies will be closed

The Ministry of Finance in cooperation with a working group of representatives of associations of owners of apartment houses (ajoah) decided to close the accounts opened condominiums in 2018 to receive benefits and subsidies.

According to a posting on the Ministry’s website, debt for 2017, the Ministry of Finance will pay on current accounts in banks condominiums.

This was discussed at a meeting of Finance Minister Alexander Danilyuk, the Deputy Minister Sergey Marchenko and Advisor to the Minister of Yana Bugrimova with representatives of osmd and ZHSK different regions of Ukraine on February 13. During the meeting, a working group which included representatives of the civic network “OPORA”, the Council of heads of condominiums, public Union “Association of HBC, ajoah “Victoria” and public Association “Association of development of osmd and ZHSK “the Modern house” .

“Also, the parties agreed that the monetization of benefits and subsidies should be introduced from January 2018, with the actual payment of funds to citizens from 1 April 2018 in the case of adoption of the relevant draft decision at the government session”, – noted in the Ministry of Finance.

As reported, in late January, the Department of social protection of the population began sending ajoah and HBC letters demanding immediate access to Treasury accounts with special mode of usage separately for each type of services (heat, hot water, maintenance of the house and local area).

According to the decision of the Ministry of Finance, these accounts are planned to reimburse subsidies and privileges with the possibility of using funds solely for the payment of energy and water. In the practical implementation of this scenario, condominiums and housing cooperatives with a high percentage of beneficiaries and subsidianes would be unable to pay salaries to its staff, purchase the necessary materials and carry out repairs.

Later, Finance Minister Alexander danyluk said that this issue is resolved. “Condominiums are not businesses. We will carry out calculations on their accounts”, – he noted and added that “the money went already yesterday.”

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