The network has blown up footage of a giant fireball in the Leningrad region, which shocked the scientific world

In the Internet appeared the video of the strange incident which took place in the Leningrad region. According to the video, the witnesses could see a huge glowing ball, standing directly in the empty field away from the city. The mysterious object is not only shimmers of orange and purple hues, but also shows like some of the running symbols and images. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Unfortunately, the quality of video is poor. According to some
users, the machinations of the aliens, others say about the secret
the Russian weapon.

Earlier in the Swiss Fribourg aliens left an amazing crop circles.

Earlier such incidents were more common in the British County of Wiltshire, where the aliens in 7 days has left more than 40 figures. Now alien
the arts have changed his abode, in the Swiss Canton of Fribourg .

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