The United States urged the UN security Council to seek from the leader of Myanmar’s recognition occurring in the Rakhine violence

UN, 13 February. /TASS./ The UN Security Council should exert pressure on the state adviser and de facto leader of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi, to make her confess her crimes against the Muslim population by the military of the country in Rakhine state. This was stated on Tuesday by the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley at a meeting of the Security Council.

In his speech, the U.S. diplomat continued to call Myanmar Burma – the name that symbolizes the country’s colonial past. According to her, “what happened and continues to happen in Burma is not normal”. “Council needs to draw the military accountable for their actions and to put pressure on Aung San Suu Kyi to accept the horrific acts that happen in her country. There should not be any excuses,” said Haley . “I urge all countries to support the United States and to do more than simply demand a cessation of the atrocities in Burma, but do take the necessary steps that are needed in order to resolve this crisis,” said the American Ambassador.

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The UN security Council on Tuesday held an open meeting on the situation in Rakhine state, which escalated in August 2017, when the militants of the movement “the Arakan Rohingya salvation army” attacked the 30 strong points of the police. After that, security forces of the Republic began in the region of a military operation, and in neighboring Bangladesh, according to UN estimates, fled 688 thousand ethnic Rohingya Muslims.

Speaking at the meeting of the security Council, assistant Secretary-General for political Affairs Miroslav Jenca noted the decrease in violence in Rakhine, as well as reducing the flow of refugees. However, according to him, the Rohingya are still subjected to harassment, and the government of Myanmar “has restricted access to many of the most critical areas” of the state, with the result that the UN does not have the full picture there. However, he called for the investigation of reports about the discovery of mass graves of Rohingya in Rakhine state.

In turn, the high Commissioner for refugees Filippo Grandi, at the meeting of the security Council called for increased assistance to Bangladesh, receiving hundreds of thousands of refugees from Myanmar, “to avoid catastrophe”. He noted that the district Cox’s Bazar in Southeast Bangladesh, the Rohingya arrivals has become “the largest refugee settlement in the world.” Grundy stated that despite the agreement reached between the two countries, the conditions for the voluntary return of refugees to Myanmar is not yet created.

The decision of the question is delayed

At the meeting of the UN security Council, attention was paid to the situation of detainees in Myanmar journalists of Reuters, which collected information on mass graves of Rohingya. UN officials and diplomats of the countries – members of the security Council called for the immediate release of media representatives, the Ambassador of France françois Delattre equated their arrest for crimes against humanity.

The Russian side in the debate in the UN security Council said that over the past weeks in Rakhine visited several groups of journalists, including from Russia. In addition, the delegation of Russia expressed concern about the attempts to delay the resolution of the issue of repatriation of refugees “under the pretext of absence in Myanmar, the conditions for their safe, dignified and sustainable return”. “Of course, the living conditions must meet humanitarian standards, but we believe it is unacceptable to go on about those who artificially inhibits this process provokes refugees stirs their concern,” said Deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation Dmitry Polyansky.

He stressed that the situation of refugees is a “question of bilateral relations of Myanmar and Bangladesh, which needs to be resolved through appropriate consultations”. The diplomat acknowledged that the Bangladeshi authorities “bear a disproportionate burden in connection with the reception and placement” of migrants from Rakhine state and called on the international community to provide them with “all necessary support”.

Polanski told the UN security Council members on the need to promote the settlement of the situation around Rakhine state, as well as “to focus on practical assistance to the governments of Myanmar and Bangladesh in a spirit of equality and mutual respect”. According to him, the decision of the issues raised requires a “diligent and consistent line of the international community, thorough and impartial expert examination”. “Naveshivanie of labels, attempts controversial and subjective media reports hot on the trail to identify those responsible and to condemn them only to distance us from the solution to the problem,” – said the diplomat.

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