USA will form its largest air base in the Japanese Prefecture, brought in dozens of modern attack aircraft – SMI

The Japanese Prefecture of Yamaguchi, located in the southern part of Honshu island, formally authorized the command of the United States to throw 61 aircraft carrier-based aircraft, including attack aircraft F/F-18E/F “Super hornet”, the base Iwakuni.

Relevant information published by the Japanese TV channel NHK, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to the voiced information, the air base will be the largest for the U.S. in the East Asian region after the transfer will be carried out. There already are at least six dozen American aircraft.

It is expected that the activities for the reintroduction of a military facility will start from June and will last until may 2018. The number of troops, then can reach about 10 thousand people of a total population of Iwakuni 130 thousand citizens.

The government of Japan will receive certain subsidies in the amount of 11 .4 billion yen, which equals approximately one hundred million dollars.

Unit carrier-based aircraft, which will soon throw to the appropriate base Iwakuni, located in the Department of nuclear aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan”. He is stationed at the base “Yokosuka”. Until recently, all combat aircraft are stationed at “Atsugi” in the same region as the ship.

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